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It sounds like you want to make it work (and I do envy your mortgage!). To me the bathroom would be the biggest issue - any way you could add one on? Even just an extra toilet would be huge for us if we only had one (we actually have 3, and there have been a few times where all 3 have been used at the same time, so if I were imagining us with only one, I would be doing anything to get another one - that's just me, though ).
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Originally Posted by claddaghmom View Post
I think it depends on what you need and if the house is providing it.

Our current home has 4,200 sq. living area and our family of 4 is comfortable with that. The home we moved from was 2,500 sq. feet and we were cramped.
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layout is so much more important than actual area, we currently live in a 3br2ba condo, it's adequate right now, with 3 kids, but already we are having challenges of keeping everyone and their belongings safe as it's a bad layout for having any one area entirely baby safe, particularly whilst also attempting to keep certain toys belonging to our 6yr old safe from the middle child!

We lived in a house half the size but with 4br1ba, which would probably be easier for our current situation!

We're tied to this area and it's a high price area, I hope we can move in 2yrs, but I expect it will be longer.
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We lived in a house that was...think it was 800sq.ft., for a family of four, plus a dog when I was a kid. I never remember feeling cramped at all. My sister and I shared a room. We moved into a bigger house when I was 8. I got my own room, which I liked, but also...didn't like. I kind of missed my sister at first (was glad to have my own space as a teen, though).

I currently live in a 1250 sq.ft. townhouse (row house, maybe - I find the terminology is different in different places). We have no storage to speak of (a couple of hall closets, the under-the-stairs room where the hot water tank is, and a small - about the size of the hot water tank room - outdoor space). We have no yard.

Honestly, if it weren't for the wonky ages of my kids, and the stupid room sizes, it would be great. DD2 is with us in the master bedroom, which is too big. DD1 and ds2 share the smallest bedroom, which is too small (they play downstairs a lot, though). DS1 has the middle-sized room, which is just about perfect. If all three rooms were that size, it would be awesome. RIght now, that works. When dd2 moves out of our room, it's going to be complicated. She won't really fit in dd1 and ds2's room, unless we put their dresser in our room, which I'd rather not do. But, I don't want to ask my 17-18 year old to share with his 12 years younger brother!

Basically, I think our family of six could live quite happily in this amount of space, if it were broken up a bit differently. I'd also like a yard and a basement or attic or outdoor shed or...something...for storage.

I can't even imagine paying $400/month for a mortgage, though. Our rent is almost 4 times that.
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our house is the same size and same size family. I read somewhere about how back in the day homes were smaller and families were closer because of that, they weren't separated in different rooms watching different tv's, internet, etc. My house is real similar to the layout that my grandparents had in their old house and they had a few more children. The only thing I want to change is the our lot outside, it's real bare and cold, not really inviting.
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I've lived in just about every size house there is, from renting a really small bedroom (shared kitchen), to a one bedroom flat shared with dh, to a a 1000sqft finished area house with dh and 3 children to 4500+ with dh, 3 kids, 3 cats and 2 dogs.
My conclusion is that it's the plan of the house which really matters. We are now looking for a smaller house with a good sized eat in kitchen, a good sized family shared space, 4 bedrooms which will allow the kids to have privacy when needed and peace to sleep and 2 bathrooms. So few houses seem to be that simple. I don't want a house thats under 1500sqft but I don't want a house over 3000sqft.
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For me, it's not the size, it's how it's arranged.

My last apartment was 1,300 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, small LR, big DR, big KIT, and it felt CRAMPED for three people. My SD's bedroom was only 8 X 8, the master was only 7 X 11. All on one level, no good way to get away from each other, loud people above us. Tiny, tiny yard.

My current house is only 1,500 square feet and it seems HUGE by comparison, because it's on two levels (and we have a large screened porch, which right now that it's 20 degrees and snowing isn't much help) and it's all ours. Four bedrooms (all bigger than 7 X 11, but still not enormous--the master is 11 X 14 and irregular), two baths. We're now at three people and a 70-pound dog, to be four people in July. We also have a large fenced yard, which also helps.
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We tend to prefer smaller spaces. Our last home was the only large space we ever lived in. It was a small house by many people's standards (small rooms), but was three stories--two floors of living space and a finished basement where we had a playroom, plus a small yard. We hated it. It was just too big for us. We hated having a yard, even a small one, to maintain, when we always went to the park instead. (This was in a city, btw.)

Now we're in a much smaller space, all on one level and like it much better. But, honestly, I would be much happier trading my current little house for a two-bedroom apartment in NYC! (We're currently living elsewhere for work reasons.) For me, location is far more important than square footage. I prefer not to have a huge space to care for, I prefer not to have/need a car, I vastly prefer living in big cities to suburbs. We spent the first 1.5 years of dd's life living in a small, one-bedroom apartment, and had no problems with it at all.

FWIW, we're a family of three and planning to stay that way--we like everything small!
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I don't know how big the house it honestly, we're renting it but the sixe is comfortable. Is not too big not too small, it's just perfect.
My 14 yo has her own big room that she adores in the basement. My 5yo and 4yo share a room (their choice) and we have a nice and comfortable room next to theirs with the baby sleeping with us and two extra rooms.

Our house in Canada was too big nad before we had the girls we lived in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment and it felt crowded.
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Yeah... we're a family of 3+ a cat in less than 400 sq feet! It's super tight but you know what we survive just fine. Granted, we don't plan on living her much longer and DD is still really young but it's doable. Your place sounds like a mansion in comparison!!!

DH and i have lived in even smaller places before this. We've always gotten along extremely well and are rarely in different rooms from each other even when we've had more space. I find that having a small space makes us get out more and looking for cool, fun things to do in our neighborhood. It also ensures that we interact a lot and are constantly chatting about our days.
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We live in the same amount of space (1300 sqft) with 3 + 1 on the way and two cats. We feel really cramped and hope to relocate in the next few years.

The main reason for us is that in our region of the country homes do not have basements and rarely attics so there is hardly any storage space. We don't have a single closet that is not in a bedroom (no pantry, no coat closet, etc.). It's difficult to find space to put things like vacuums, cleaning supplies, tools, etc. Most of our tools are kept in the garage and some have been ruined by the heat and humidity.

So, we don't need more living space but more storage space would be fantastic.
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To me house size has nothing to do with family happiness. This reminds me of a country song (although I am not a fan of country music). The song is Little houses by Doug Stone. http://www.stlyrics.com/songs/d/doug...ses513176.html. I have always thought of my living space like this song. While more space would be nice, just think of the closeness you would miss.
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Depends on what you make it. We had a smaller bungalow and it never really felt like home. We have very little storage space and it was consistently a battle to make things look neat. We moved a couple years ago to something larger and love our home. We like to live in a home with a lot of storage space. I have a dry pantry and a cold one which I love because I can make preserves and store honeycrisp apples til the cows come home. The person who built this place had two preschool boys at the time, so it's like it was built for us. The kitchen is big and inviting (which I absolutely required) and the family room has enough space for our cuddle couch, cuddle chair, toys and TV. We also have a fireplace there which was a major draw.

I don't know if it's so much the space as it is the features of the home which make it work for some people and not for others.
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Originally Posted by Alyantavid View Post
We have 4 people in a 1800 square foot house. It works, for now, but at some point, we'll have to move. The house is ancient and not set up all that well.
This was me last year. I had no room to leave projects out and the kids had no place to spread out when they had sleepovers and such. We added on and we love it! Just having a couple of extra rooms makes all the difference to us.

I'll have a small house once the kids are grown.
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We have a large home and don't utilize half of the rooms. If we could it again, we'd buy smaller. For the time being, we are stuck because the market tanked. Though I appreciate all the storage we have in our basement.
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Originally Posted by Jenifer76 View Post
We have a large home and don't utilize half of the rooms. If we could it again, we'd buy smaller. For the time being, we are stuck because the market tanked. Though I appreciate all the storage we have in our basement.
Floor plan makes a huge difference. Our current house is about 100 sq ft smaller than our first house, but it has an open floor plan and so it FEELS bigger. Except, of course, when we go to store things (it doesn't have the big closets).
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I like a house that's about 2,500 sq ft with a good floor plan. There are 4 people in our family plus a bunch of pets.

For a while we lived in a 4,000 sq ft home. It was just TOO BIG! One of the kids would loose a shoe and and it would take me ages and ages to find it! After dinner, the kids would go up stairs to their playroom and my DH would go to the basement and I would clean the kitchen completely alone -- unable to even hear them. It was seriously weird.

We can (and sometimes do) live someplace much smaller, but about 2,500 sq ft is the point where we can leave projects out, easily host sleep overs, etc. It might sound silly, but I love having a house that's big enough for the kids to spread their homework out on one table and leave it there while we eat dinner at a different table. It's just easy. We don't *need* it, but we enjoy it.

We move a lot for DH's job so we've got to try lots of different things. In addition to sq. ft. and floor plan, I like:
  • a park/playground within walking distance
  • a community pool
  • fenced yard
  • quiet street for riding bikes
  • private patio area with a fire pit

After the kids grow up, Dh and I want an urban condo with lots of funky resturants within walking distance.
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I think the 4 of us will be very happy in our 1700 sq ft house. I used to think we'd need more room, but really, once the kiddos are old enough not to be into everything, we can have more stuff out in the open, and it will be fine. We're not totally happy with our neighborhood, though, and I'd like a bigger yard with room and zoning for chickens, so we'll probably be moving in a few years. I think the size is fine, though. I like not losing track of where anyone is. And everything on the 1st floor has a sight line to everywhere else, which is good for babies.
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We live in about 3K and have another 2K in the basement that we rarely use. We are expecting #3, and we are very happy with that. The kids will all ship down tot the basement when they are older, but for now they share two rooms and one bathroom upstairs. We saved a bonus room upstairs for guests.

Honestly, it is more about how you live life versus the size of your home. You can have a close knit family in a larger home and you can have a disjointed family in a tiny home.

If YOU are happy then go for it!
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Originally Posted by Landover View Post
Honestly, it is more about how you live life versus the size of your home. You can have a close knit family in a larger home and you can have a disjointed family in a tiny home.
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