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Maybe this is slightly OT, but this thread got me thinking about the vast differences in how I live and in how my parents live. I posted earlier that we live in a one bedroom apartment in the city, and it works great for us so far. I grew up in a large house and everything that I have lived in since has gotten progressively smaller. My parents, on the other hand (both who are approaching 70 years old) just bought a house that's bigger than anything they ever lived in! I scratched my head on this one, mainly because my mother has more to clean (refuses to use any outside help) and we (as in my brother and I) only go to visit them maybe twice a year at most because it is nine hours drive for both of us. As far as I know, they rarely entertain.

My parents are forever reminding my brother (who lives in a two-bedroom apartment with 4 children) and I that we need to think about getting bigger apartments. It is the topic of almost every conversation! Their minds are literally boggled that we both can make it work. I think a major issue that they have and why they think they need a lot of space is that they are both pack rats. Getting rid of anything (whether it be sold, given away or tossed) sets off some sort of bizarre psychosis in them and they really have a hard time coming to terms with the idea that maybe they don't need all the stuff that they've acquired. I'm not talking about collections and fine furniture here, I'm talking about everything from furniture they find on the street to plastic grocery bags. My mom's most common line is: "It would be a shame to give it away, we may need it some day." While there is some truth to the concept that they may, remotely, need such item some day, what is the cost of keeping that item into perpetuity?

Don't get me wrong, I love my parents, but our life philosophies have diverged.
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Originally Posted by FreeRangeMama View Post
I meant BEFORE that post, the other one you were referencing. Listen, I have no need to argue with you. I am not sure WHY this is still an issue as I wasn't disagreeing with you and all the things I said were directed at posts that weren't yours. I am not going to pick apart your every quote, you are reading something into my posts that wasn't there. You can choose to feel offended if you choose to, but I am not criticizing ANYONE in ANY HOUSE.

No, no! I'm not disagreeing, or arguing, or reading anything into your post.

We must have misunderstood each other somewhere, but otherwise, I haven't been arguing with you at all really, just discussing some things. But I don't think we've disagreed that much at all.
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For us it's about sanity. We lived on a 50 ft (not exactly sur the sq. footage) sailboat with four kids, it was great, lots of quality family time, travel and adventure, but after a while in that small a space? Forget it. I can only take hiding in a tiny bathtub at midnight for 'me time' for so long. Seriously, I love the children dearly but not being able to swing my arms without clocking somebody really gets old fast. The next (and present) house we built is 5000 sq.ft. of space, privacy, storage, and room to run.
It's funny though, in our house although all the kids have their own rooms the three younger ones always end up sleeping in one child's room.
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We have a 1,500 sq. ft. home. There are 7 of us and we are expecting a baby in August. Childrens ages are: 7, 6, 5, 3, and 2. We have a big backyard, and we are just fine and happy in our home!
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Overall, I hear it being said that families in larger homes have a tendency to retreat and do not have to work things out. That is a very broad generalization and really quite inaccurate.
I agree. Living in a 800 sq ft apartment with no yard, no local parks, very little storage space and two spirited children, in the dead f winter I tend to retreat more often than I should, simply because I feel so darn smothered at times!
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