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back labor...an asian curse?

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i will be having my 3rd baby this year and will probably have incredible back labor as i did the other times. i'm wondering if it's genetic ? is it the shape of my pelvis? my parents are from taiwan. my mom says she had it too and it seems in passing i've noticed other asian women mention having back labor.

also, my babies were both posterior to begin and i wonder if i can do anything this preg to affect that (dd dec). one was born posterior, the other i'm not sure but he was ten pounds so it was quite a labor either way.

do any other factors cause back labor?

any advice appreciated. i feel a little silly asking these questions...i want to be able to say bring on the pain, i can handle it and i've done it gloriously twice but jeez, besides the back labor, the rest is comparably painless to me. can i get a break?
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Doing pelvic tilts might help you with good position for the baby. Somewhere else there is a thread about baby positioning and if I find it I will tell you where.

Pelvic tilt: Get on your hands and knees. Start with your spine flat, parallel to the floor. gently tilt your hips forward, arching your back slightly. Do this twenty times every night. During your last trimester do it twenty times mid-day as well if you can. The idea is that the babies spine is heavier than its tummy and this will encourage it to shift around. Good luck!
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I haven't heard of the posterior position being more common among Asian women. A doula recommended to me that in the last month of pregnancy, I should sit on a birth ball for at least 1/2 hour 2 or 3 times a day and do pelvic tilts several times a day. Both of these things are thought to help the baby get into the proper alignment. The pelvic tilts annoy a posterior baby because it is uncomfortable for their head and encourages it to turn. Also, she recommended never slouching or laying on my back. Only sit up straight, supported by pillows. My midwife told me that these things could help but that some babies just sit in a posterior position for other reasons, like the placenta is in a certain position and the baby tends to curl around it. Anyway, I put the pelvic tilts and sitting up straght into the category of, It can't hurt so might as well try it.
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would sleeping almost on my stomach help?
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wow, i've never heard of this either. i'm half asian and glad i didn't have this information....since i highly believe in the power of suggestion. i have had 2 babies, neither w/back labor. good luck w/this next one. maybe try talking to your dear baby about this. maybe they'll cooperate? it's worth a try. i'd imagine your birthing has more to do w/your mom than ethnicity..but who knows?
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what do you mean, my mom? you mean she set me up!
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okay i remember now. the day after my first birth, i asked the cnm if i would have back labor again. she said probably, that women who had it tended to have it again. and she explained my pelvis was differently shaped, the opening was narrower than normal? whatever normal means or else she said asian woman have a narrower opening. this was in minneapolis so she had experience with different ethnicities.

i spent the 2nd preg imagining an easier birth and i spent the first hours of that labor fairly angry about it not being so. maybe this post is harming me. i expect to have a baby, the way it will be.
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My second dd was posterior. Well I think she was, coz of the position she came out in. That was face up instead of face down & turning. I had an accidental unassisted homebirth so no midwife ever got to see me in labour or deliver the baby. My acupuncturist reckons you can turn babies who are posterior with acupuncture. Plus I have heard of homeopathic remedies ( gelsenuim?sp? ) that are for this purpose too.
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I don't have any info on how to turn a posterior baby as I tried pelvic tilts and wasn't able to turn my DD. My midwives also recommended scrubbing the kitchen floor as another way to get the baby to turn...but, I didn't feel motivated enough to try that.

So, I had back labor when I birthed my DD 14 weeks ago (my first). I do think that was the most painful aspect of the process.

What helped me cope was that my DH poured warm/hot water on my back when I was in the tub and then when I was out of the tub he applied wonderful counterpressure. That really made all the difference & felt so good.

I wish you luck!

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