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trying to wean off antidepressant

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I do not have PPD, but I thought this might be the only appropriate forum for this question. My Dr. put me on Pristiq in November for PMDD. I took it regularly in November and December, but decided that I can no longer afford this drug. In November I had an insurnace company that did NOT cover this drug at all. So I paid about $150 for a month's worth. In December I got picked up by my husband's employer's insurance, and I thought they would cover it...not true! I am wondering why so many insurance companies aren't covering it, and if that's the case then the Dr's should warn of that before prescribing a medication that causes SERIOUS withdrawals if not taken on a time schedule daily. In January I paid for 2 weeks worth, and started taking it every other day...I just ran out Sunday and am having HORRIBLE withdrawals. I cannot afford this medicine anymore, but if it's anything like Effexor withdrawals this could last for months, and I simply cannot deal with that. I'm wondering if there is anything natural (re: CHEAP) that I can take to help the withdrawals. The worst symptom is the brain zaps...every time I move my eyeballs I feel them, and it's quite unnerving.
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If you have insurance now, talk to your prescribing doctor again. If I ask, doctors are usually willing to work with me to find a drug that is covered by my insurance. If your doctor isn't willing, talk to your pharmacist. Ask him/her of other drugs that are similar that are covered by your insurance--they should be able to check on their computer. Then, they can communicate back to your prescribing doctor and hopefully, get you a new prescription.

I don't know about help for withdrawals. But seriously, please do not stop taking the drug without talking to a doctor! For more ideas, you could read through the threads on natural treatment and also check in the Mental Health forum.
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Please call your doctor. Pristiq is in the same class of drugs as Effexor, so going cold turkey probably not a good idea.

Another reason to see your doctor soon is that they can often give you samples to get you through until you're on another med. There's got to be another SNRI that your insurance will cover so that you don't have to worry about this.
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you can also check online to see if there are any free sample coupons for pristiq, but I would get it switched to a covered drug, if you call the insurance company they should be able to tell you which drugs they cover.
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