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Anyone suspect twins REALLY early on?

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I'm pregnant for #4, and getting a strong feeling that I'm pregnant with #5 as well.
Have any of you suspected twins really early? I'm only 5.5 weeks. Usually I can trust my gut, but I'm not sure if maybe I'm just crazy. LOL
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Yes and no. I think I did but I was in STRONG denial. I even posted on Intertwined (my blog) very very early that NO it wasn't twins and no one better even mention it as a possibility. Our twins were a surprise and unwanted pregnancy so I really think it was a Higher Order that I not know right away. I got 20 whole weeks to get a grip on my emotions relating to a new baby before I got smacked with the fact that it was TWO new babies. I did have several dreams about twins and I felt VERY strongly that I needed to hire a midwife even though we'd had our fourth at home unassisted.

Good luck!
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I know they say you can't tell by how dark the line is but my positive tests were really really dark. We did a medicated IUI the cycle we conceived and knew it was a possibility but never really thought it would actually happen at all much less that we would conceive twins. When we met with our RE for the first u/s to confirm pregnancy my betas were also super high. In fact they were so high that as I hopped up onto the table my doc said, "OK, let's see how many passengers we have on board here." We did the u/s and sure enough two tiny baby bubbles.
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I had my suspicions, but I thought I was just over-thinking it. I got a positive 5 days before my missed period and I was REALLY sick right away, sicker than I was with either one of my other pregnancies. 4 yr. old DD told us it was twins (she even told us that I was pregnant before we found out AND predicted it was b/g), but we told her that it was highly unlikely (she gave us a cute little "I told you so" after we found out that she was right). My friends and I joked about it because it was ridiculous how sick I was- when it was confirmed by u/s at 8 weeks we were in shock but also it made a lot of sense.
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Yep, and I was in denial!!!!! I'd already had two children so when I began showing at 5-7 weeks we had to tell people and everyone joked that I was having twins. As I kept getting larger and larger people continued to joke.

And, like PP, my 4 yo DD told me before I even knew I was PG that I was expecting and having a boy and a girl (though we don't know if she's right on that yet).

But, I just told people it was due to it being my third child and I was reassured by others telling me that as well. And I even have pictures of me as late as 18 weeks PG where friends joked and I said, "no way" and since I didn't want twins it was easier to play it off.

I had completely talked myself out of the possibility though so I was FLOORED at my 20 week u/s. Don't let that happen to you.
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Yes, with my fourth I would have sworn on it. He was a singleton.
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Originally Posted by 2xand2y View Post
Yes, with my fourth I would have sworn on it. He was a singleton.
well guess this could be me. hehe I'm waiting to my midwife to call so I can let her know I DO want an early U/S. I have always passed on it before.
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I'm feeling normally pregnant, no extra symptoms, no blood tests to check levels or anything. Just a gut feeling and a few coincidences.
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I suspected it very early at just over 5 weeks. It was confirmed on U/S at nine weeks.
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Ok, next question. Why did you all suspect so early?
Thanks for your responces so far!
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I *should* have known it was twins but I was in denial until that fateful 20 week ultrasound. I should have guessed because I started showing by 10 weeks, I gained a lot of weight the first trimester, I had really terrible morning sickness, and I was more exhausted than I've ever been. Also, my thyroid levels were weird.
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I didn't have a clue
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I didn't start suspecting until about 9 weeks when I could already feel the top of my uterus. By 12 weeks and almost to my navel, I was convinced and went in for an U/S to confirm. But I didn't have that "sense" or "intuition". If anything I never wanted twins so I think I was in denial for at least a week.
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Not me, but my sister joked it was twins because she had the worst morning sickness she has ever experienced, and she started showing really early. Turns out she was right, there were two babies in there.
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I suspected early, actually almost right away. 5 days after I got my BFP I even thought of the blog title and post I was going to write when I announced we were having twins. I also remember being in the gym thinking that I needed to do some extra strength training for my back because this pregnancy was going to be really hard on it and I needed to be as strong as possible.

That being said, it was still quite a shock when I found out at 6 weeks because even though I knew on some level, I'm not sure I *knew* it was twins. I never mentioned any of my feelings to my husband but he always thought it was a twin pregnancy also and neither of us said anything to our older kids but both of them said we were going to have 2 babies. (My then 3 year old also told me from the beginning that he was going to have 2 more sisters, and he was right).

Originally Posted by mom2brooke View Post
Ok, next question. Why did you all suspect so early?
Thanks for your responces so far!
I knew I ovulated twice and it was the strangest cycle I ever had. By 6 weeks I was so sick I could hardly function and I was so much more tired than I had been before. My hips were killing me already and I knew my uterus was bigger than it should be.

Good luck to you!
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I knew really early, too. Probably the 5 week mark.

Why? I just felt, different. I can't really put my finger on it. I kept telling my husband that I needed an u/s because he thought I was nuts for telling him I was carrying two babes. At the 10 week u/s, it was confirmed, and he just shook his head in disbelief, lol!

And about the pee tests at home, I swear just the fumes hit the strip and turned it the brightest color ever, lol!
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Yes, I knew. I have always charted, and I can always feel when I am ovulating. I O'd one day. And again the next day I felt it on the other side. I told DH I O'd twice! When I test + I kept saying "I hope it isn't twins". By 6 weeks I really felt my uterus. By 8 weeks I could palpate my uterus and asked for an US and my OB's office said to wait, it was probably jsut b/c it was my 3rd pregnancy. By the time I returned for my next appt, I knew. I remember wondering for weeks, and then just feeling around (by that time my uterus was practically to my naval) and KNOWING it was twins. I told Dh and several friends it was twins. I think they all thought I was crazy. At the 12-13 week appt. I asked again for an US, (my OB was called to a delivery, so I had to reschedule, but I insisted on seeing a nurse anyway). The nurse found a HB right below my naval, then called to schedule an US. A few hours later I was looking at 2 babies on a monitor!
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I did. I told my husband that it was twins a few times before the confirming ultrasound, which was at eight weeks. This pregnancy has been different from the very beginning because I was sick as hell. I was still shocked when we found out for sure, though. I think I am still in denial that there are two babies even though I am only a couple of weeks from meeting them.
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I got super sick REALLY early. Like 5 weeks post O I was already feeling ill and it was an intense 7 weeks of feeling sick all day every day. I was also so tired I literally would doze off while talking to someone on the phone. I could barely keep my eyes open from 2-4 in the afternoon. I also noticed I was having BH contractions when I was only like 9 weeks. I could already feel my uterus out of my pelvis, which I thought was odd but it WAS my fifth baby, after all. Like others, my son told me I was having TWO babies, one baby sister and one baby brother. He was 5 at the time! We just laughed at him.

I also ovulated twice, 4 days apart. It was a strikingly odd cycle! My first pp cycle as my older daughter was only 8 months old.

And I just knew. I knew it down deep and just kept denying it to myself!
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I 'knew' in a sense I guess, as I wanted my dh to come to the first MW appt with me - to check the heartbeat, etc. I had a feeling, and I didn't want to tell him myself it was twins... like coming from someone else made it more acceptable somehow? that was at about 8 weeks. he's a little bit of a stress-case, so it seemed the best route. turned out, the MW couldn't tell us what that other 'dark spot' on her ultrasound machine was, so we had to wait a whole week until we saw a radiologist... talk about stress!
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