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Today I

-Cleaned out the boys closet, finally.
-Found new home for file cabinet
-Sorted and re-stored both my toddlers clothes for next year, and the 6-9 month clothes for our new arrival.
-Pulled all "baby" toys out of circulation, so the toy box is functional.

I'd love to do more but my body aches. Like everyday, only 5 more weeks. So I made ds lunch and it's time out for mama.
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Today I ran errands---went to the bank and the grocery store. I also cleaned out the fridge and attended DD's Valentine's party at school. I'm currently enjoying the Olympic opening ceremony.

It's a 3-day weekend!
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Today, I...

made cards and gift card holders with my DD,

dropped off cookie money and picked up more cookies (girl scouts),

mailed the above cards at the post office in order to give DD a chance to sell some cookies (which she did),

altered some more cards and mailed them off along with some extra goodies,

finished two loads of laundry,

and I have an extra child here for the evening, night, and morning, which will involve fun "extras" later.

P.S. This thread is fun and motivating. Thanks OP!
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Today I:

Did two loads of laundry

Threw away 6 rolls of old Xmas wrapping paper. (No, I'm not wasteful, our house has been attacked by mold and I've had to throw so many things away.)

Took all my CDs out of their cases and threw the cases away. I have a book that I'm going to put all the CDs in, to save space. Currently, these were all in a CD tower. Now they'll fit in one tiny drawer. Yay!

Thanks for this thread! You've motivated me to go to the car and get the CD case and put them all in it. (And then take it back out to the car so it doesn't get moldy!)
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Hi, we are snowbound.

Today I
-finished organizing my boys bedroom.
-I cleaned out the bathroom closet (two hour job)
-killed the mold I found while exploring the depths of the bathroom closet
-figured out a system to keep the cloth diapers organized

So phase two of what will be my spring garage sale is done
Thanks for the motivation!
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You ladies have too much energy to be healthy. Boy oh boy i feel like a terrible housekeeper. I am just thankful if i can keep juices from being spilled and a dinner made before i leave for school.

You ladies are kick-butt!
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cleaned master bath
put clean sheets on guest bed
made supper for 11 people (birthday celebration)
nursed the baby =)
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today i woke up feeling sick.. but despite that..
not in this particular order..

~framed two pieces of art that i had been meaning to since i got the frames 2 weeks ago. they look rad btw

~de-cluttered & organized the kids toy basket in the bedroom (my bedroom shared with my smallest dd)

~went through 2 laundry baskets of clean and put them away accordingly..some into the give away bag.

~did 3 loads of laundry, not yet put away

~made chicken soup from scratch

~washed dishes by hand x 2 (after meals)

~put on the dishwasher as well

~tidied putside front of house

~swept & vacuumed living room/kitchen (daily in my house : )

~walked to the school to take my son hot lunch

~took everything out of our baking cupboard, refilled empty jars, wiped it out and put everything back neatly

~refilled jars with rice, beans, seeds ect. that were getting low

~picked up kids room
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Yesterday I...

- Dishes

- Wipe down kitchen (waist up clean)

- Lots of Laundry

- Wash diapers

- Pick up Master Bedroom

- Vacuum living room before moving new furniture into place

- General declutter

- Clean Master Bath

- Quick wipe Guest Bath

- Dust (I noticed I can write my name in the master bedroom...not good)
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