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The only thing we've got here is WMT and no one really asks about a registry, they either bring a gift or food. this time, I'm thinking no one will bring us food as we have gluten and dairy intolerance and the main question I get is, "what do you eat?".
I am, however keeping track of my own wish list on amazon, like others. I'm wanting CD, a wrap, some baby hats and sleep sacks. Oh, and we have to buy a carseat again this time. So that's where we are.
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i can relate! i've refused to register for stuff i don't absolutely need, and chose myregistry.com b/c i could write descriptions on the items. i added the cash gift, and wrote in the description that we are only registering for absolute essentials, and within that were being very specific. used joyful language to invite people to contribute a small amount if they did not see anything that inspired them (b/c most of it is uber-practical not cute and only a few items total, with some big ones most people cannot afford individually).

then for individual items i wrote short descriptions about why i'd picked each one. not heavy-handed but descriptive.

the only drawback of myregistry is that because it redirects people to other sites, they may not "get" the dashboard feature that they are supposed to fill out when they buy something. i've received several things but no one has filled out that they made a purchase so that it shows up as fulfilled.

we also decided that we'd only share the registry with friends and family who specifically asked, and turned down offers for a shower that would be friends of friends and friends of relatives. this event/time just feels too important to be reduced to stuff, and i'd feel irresponsible asking for things from people i don't have a relationship with/intend to support in a community kind of way...
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I'm glad i'm not the only one struggling w/this. I registered at BRU, just for the reason that i know many people won't shop online, or won't until the last minute so instead they'll go somewhere and at least want' to direct them. We only have about twelve items, including plain shirts, cheap washcloths that we will use as wipes, a couple bath towels, carseat, and recieving blankets. I'll also register at amazon, but who knows if anyone will bother with that!
My shower is planned a week before edd, so as for dipes, i'll have to order them soon and have them all laundered and the few clothes are bought from consignment shops. It really stinks having the shower so late, but at least i'm having one
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related question...

my BIL is having a baby in April.. after finally tracking him down today, I have figured out that he doesn't have any idea what a baby registry is for.. and they have gotten nothing for their baby..

I think that is kind of nuts..

Well, I understand though because they have one income atm, and are trying to get thier own place soon so they don't want to have to pack up a bunch of stuff... so what can I send them (out of state).. I think a gift card somewhere would be the most useful, should I just do babies R us? Who has a good gift card policy (no fees, no expiry) that specializes in baby stuff? I have a small gift card floating around here from Linens n things (or something like that) which I will happily send since we don't have one of those stores here anyway, but I would like to send something specific for the baby and not just for setting up a household, kwim?
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For fun I registered at some local French boutique and at Baby's RUS. I didn't find a lot that I really wanted though. I don't want a sterling silver piggy bank or some other keepsake that will only collect dust. The truth is I'd just prefer to either be given money to put towards what I need or want or some gently used hand me downs. The registry for me is just for fun and hasn't been shared with anyone and I don't know if I will share it. What annoys me is that I know some of the items that I want but not all of them are at the same place. Maybe there is a better way to register where I don't need to go to so many places?
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Originally Posted by 3crunchycarrots View Post
I pose this question because it has been an interesting path just straying away from an impersonal silly baby shower to a more meaningful gathering of woman that celebrates mothers and the transformations she goes through! But I have enjoyed putting ideas together and learning with my friends and family ways to create a blessing ceremony, hope it rubs off!

With that said there is still the question of "where are you registered"? In truth, I have discovered there is not much a newborn needs, no stroller, highchair, crib, playpen, bottle warmer etc... Nor do I support buying new clothes and other items to add to the landfill! But im sure down the way some of the above will be welcome and people wish to give. I like the idea of encouraging women to visit and bring meals rather than spending money.

In addition were a family on the road and will be saddling up the motorhome about a month after baby in born (April!) So really trying to cut down on the unneccesary stuff.

So I was curious if anyone else can relate? Where are you registering and what for?

cloth diapers
receiving blankets
eco friendly laundry soap
car seat
gift cards
Amazon.com baby registry! really. they have a universal registry option so you can add anything that you find anywhere on the internet and anything on amazon itself. I found it easier to use myself and easier for guests to use than the alternativeregistry, which I tried out for my wedding.
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