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OK... now check out my changing area!

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I added these pics to my (obsessive) diapering album on shutterfly... it was a nice addition!




Wool drier

In those drawers on the wool drier are all my little baby-needs stuff, like saline and a booger sucker, diaper creams, etc. And I made that Waldorf doll on top, hee hee.

I am so sick...
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that's awesome!!! the room is beautiful and i love your organization! I have nothing compared to that!
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I'm so jealous! I think those of us who are unorganized should show it off!
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I think those of us who are unorganized should show it off!
ITA! let's see those messy rooms!
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Oh it's too embarrasing.. I can't do it but I totally welcome those who aren't ashamed! lol
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That is SO incredible! I love the whole set-up and decor. I so wish I could do a nursery room, but we just don't have the space in our house. I love the green.

What is the storage thing to the right of your changing table -- where you have your diapers? I really like that!

At first, I thought those were hats hanging from the pegs and I was wondering why you had hats there. How cute to hang the diapers like that.
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Very nice... I have a similiar shelf over my changing dresser but mine has baskets.
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I am the Unorganized Queen !! But I'm not sure if i want to post a pic of it! I have several clothes baskets that are home to my prefolds. I also ahve a changing table upstairs that I don't use. It holds baby clothes right now. I just don't have the time or energy to be organized. But i admire those of you that can!!

Loved the pics!
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Oh my, that is so organized!

I love that room too! And the doll is fabulous.

Oh my.... I feel the need to organize now after seeing you guys's set ups!

Teri - nak
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If I were to post a pic of my disoganization,I would have to photograph the whole house!We have dipes everywhere!(2 in currently,and Dd1 is potty training herself,so she may or may not leave a trail of dipes at various stages of cleanliness... )
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wow, what a beautiful space you have made! i love the doll!
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That looks SO nice!

My changing station, and my whole house for that matter is a total mess!
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where did you get the daiper stacker? I am currently changing over to fitteds, and would love to have something that cute to put my dipes in
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Very nice!!
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WOW it's beautiful... just like a showroom in some baby store... mine's semi-neat only, AND I have househelp!!!
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Verra verra verrrrra nice!
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Thanks all! I like it too. I only get to see her room when I change her because she sleeps with us so I like to make the changing area as nice as possible.

I got the storage thing at Target for about $20.00!
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Ohhh. That is so pretty!! And neat! And I see lots of yummy hyena diapers and covers there.

This is my changing area on a GOOD day:
You can see it all from one angle
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AHhhh very nice!

I'll be going to Target to check out that organizer TOMORROW! $20 isn't bad at all! Hopefully they stock something like that at our local Target!
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do you want a new job. Come live with me and do that to all the rooms of my home. You are very organized. Man that looks good.
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