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DSM Revisions

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But perhaps more important, the outcome will help shape which emotions, behaviors, thoughts and personality traits society considers part of the natural spectrum of the human persona and which are considered pathological, requiring treatment and possibly even criminal punishment.

Even before being made public, the proposed changes have been the subject of sometimes bitter debate over whether the process was based on solid scientific evidence and was adequately shielded from influence by the pharmaceutical industry, and whether some critics were driven by financial interests in maintaining the old diagnostic criteria.
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Very interesting. Here is a blog post about it from John M Grohol PsyD.


They are going to talk more about but that hasn't been posted yet. Probably will be posted sometime today.
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Note: The new DSM5.org Web site, which will include proposed revisions and draft diagnostic criteria, has been rescheduled for launch on Wednesday, February 10, 2010.
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I was listening to this discussion on NPR. So many ramifications to consider.

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