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Would you worry about this headache?

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Okay, so I'm trying to be as "chill" as possible, but I have had a horrible headache for 4 days. Tylenol doesn't help, massage doesn't help, it's miserable.

My blood pressure is fine (I'm a nurse and had a friend take it yesterday). No visual changes, no dizzy spells. But it just will not go away. It hurts all over my head, and throbs if I sneeze, cough or bend over. I'm not congested at all.

I just don't know if it's something to call the doctor about or if I should just suck it up.
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Since it's been gonig on for this long I would probably seek a doctors advice. Especially since nothing is touching it. It very well could be a horrible migraine though.
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This happened to me recently--I'm also pregnant. It turned out to be a strange sinus headache, even though I didn't think I was congested. I tried the neti pot and the headache started shifting and moved into my cheeks. I didn't think it was a sinus headache because my forehead, temples, and back of my head were throbbing.

Anyway, if you have a neti pot it's worth a try to see if that changes anything!
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Pepper, that's exactly what this feels like. I'm wondering now if it isn't a sinus thing because all three of my boys woke up this morning with congestion. I don't have a neti pot, but might try one. I won't drown will I?

I did call the doctor this morning and asked about it. They pretty much told me if my BP is normal and I don't have visual changes that there really isn't much to do unless I want to take a narcotic (which is a big NO right now). They said there is a virus going around now that starts as a headache and you just feel rotten for a few days. Great!

Thanks for the help!
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My headaches are always caused by awful neck tension. Seeing my chiropractor always does the trick, or a good massage therapist.
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I had a hideous headache for days as well and finally called my provider's office. She told me to drink caffeine, so I did. The headache dissappeared. I wasn't in caffeine withdrawl--I had not had caffeine in several months--but she said sometimes pregnant women get headaches that caffeine cures! I now drink a glass of iced tea (per her recommendation) daily, and this keeps the headaches away. I'd also call your doctor . . .
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I'd second the suggestion of both the neti pot and having a little caffeine if you're not usually drinking any.

And no, you won't drown from the neti pot It is really strange and awkward to use at first, but it REALLY does help with sinus issues that you can't really do much about in pregnancy. Plus, even if your headache has nothing to do with sinus issues, using a neti pot can help cut down on the amount of viruses/bacteria you get, since its literally flushing the nasties out of you!

I hope your headache goes away soon!
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You won't drown! I thought that too at first.

If the water starts to come out of your mouth instead of your nose just stop pouring and hold your mouth open and relax until the water all falls out. If you try to swallow or close your mouth then you'll choke. Learned that the hard way, no idea why it's instinct to close up your mouth and start swallowing and gagging...

I also drink caffeine...it's terrible but for some reason 1 Coke a day (at lunch) settles my stomach. I used to drink Jones Soda's Cola instead because it doesn't have HFCS, but as soon as I got pregnant I started specifically craving Coke. Real Coke is the only thing that actually settles my stomach!
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Okay, so I haven't made it to get the netti pot, but I did drink a can of soda this morning. I don't usually drink caffeine, but it made a huge difference. I ended up calling my midwife and she gave me the same suggestion. (the only reason I called the doctor was because the midwife was at a birth late last night and I didn't want to bother her this morning).

The caffeine seems to have helped, although I still have some jaw pain, but I think that's tension related.
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