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What are some signs of implantation? I know some say spotting .Is ther always implantation bleeding or have you had pregnancys that you never experience any implantation bleeding? Are ther always implantation/symptoms signs with each pregnancy? I know a week before AF some start feeling bloated , nausea ,increase in appetite,,tiredness, but that is PMS could that also be signs that come along with implantation?
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I've experienced implantation 3 times. The first time, I did experience bleeding, and got the sore b**bs and extreme exhaustion. The second, I didn't get implantation bleeding, but did get the sore b**bs and had some cramping. Third time, no implantation bleeding, no cramps, no soreness, nothing.
Sorry, I know that wasn't much help
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I'm not sure symptom-wise, but I wanted to let you know that personally, I've been pregant 7, possibly 8 times and I have never seen so much as a drop of implantation bleeding. For all the times I have heard women here mention it, I was actually surprised to hear a statistic the other day that had noticable implantation bleeded very low.

I do get those same symptoms you mentioned pregant and not pregrant.

Again - sorry not much help, but didn't want to read and run!

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