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Homebirth Coloring Book

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A friend passed this along to me. It's a homebirth coloring book for the siblings and you to enjoy:
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That's awsome, I am totally printing this up for my 3 y/o son! THanks for sharing!
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printed it up! thanks!
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That is GREAT! Thanks!
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LOVE IT! Thanks so much for sharing!!!
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Did anyone save this to make copies? As its no longer available. (dead link) Want something like this to give to my friends children.    THANKS 

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Would love it too! please share!



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The link does not work any more, anyone know where I can find this? 

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I am hoping someone who already used link made a copy to keep and share. I would pay shipping!  I found a gentle parenting one on etsy but can't find a home birth one anywhere.

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I'm trying to find a pdf version on the web


Not successful yet...


In the meantime this one might be an alternative - it's on sale on etsy






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I purchased this yesterday! It is awesome!   I am still hoping to acquire the HB one thought too!

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great! thanks A2JC4life!

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I like this one on etsy better 




Than the HB one on nchomebirth archives!   It was definitely worth the money spent!

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Glad you like it meksmama - these coloring books were great ways to keep our DS busy during our Dd birth
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Thanks!    Will be sharing with my friends!

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no longer available :(

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Now I'm kind of tempted to make a homebirth coloring book. Hmm, what should I draw.... I expected the one linked would have more pictures depicting labor and birth.

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The one on Etsy had some home birth pictures.   If you make one I would love to look at it/purchase it.

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