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Earth Scouts

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There's a mom we know who is coordinating an Earth Scouts troop in our area. We're definitely interested, but I'd like to know others' experiences with the program.
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I've heard great things. I've been thinking of starting my own Circle because there isn't a group near me.
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I'm wondering if anything has come of this.  I have a five year old boy and I think Boy Scouts sign ups start in first grade (next year). I'm choosing to avoid BSA (for reasons that can live in another thread!) and so we're looking for alternatives. I found out about Earth Scouts in another mothering forum thread but when I visit their site, I can't seem to find where to search for local chapters. I'm doubtful there is anything in our area but I'd be interested to see what's involved in getting started and if there was enough interest with the families in my area to start a group.   Any feedback you can share is greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

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