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That's amazing! Congratulations!!!!
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Congratulations Skeeter! How exciting! Can't wait to hear more/see pics.
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Say what!
Congrat's on your little blessing!
Can't wait to hear your birth day story!
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YAY! It's really finally happening! Congrats on the arrival, can't WAIT to hear the story and see the pictures. Enjoy the babymoon!
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Oh also, should a mod maybe add a sticky at the top to record and reference each birth and link to the appropriate thread? Might make this all easier as everything begins to unfold. Eeeeee!!! Exciting!
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Wow! Congratulations!!
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How exciting!! Congrats!!
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Many Congratulations!!!!! Happy Baby Moon!!! Can't wait to hear her birth story....and see pictures of course.
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DDC crashing, but skeeter30 was in my TTC group and I was in this group with her for a mere week or two. SO happy for her and will be checking back for all the details.
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OMG so surprised you were due a day behind me, hey not fair, just kidding. Have a nice time with your family.
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congratulations momma!! hope you're enjoying your baby moon!!
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Yay Skeeter, congrats
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Congrats! Hope you're enjoying your babymoon!
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Congrats!!!! Enjoy those delicious newborn snuggles
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I went to my midwife appointment and luckily she checked me. I was 5cm dilated and about 80% effaced...It was snowing and like a blizzard out side. We were 45 minutes from home so my midwife asked me to stay out where she was, walk around, go to a store or something and then go to the hospital for observation. So...I did and guess what I was in labor! Everything happened all on it's own didn't need any drugs to help it along. I got to the hospital at around 5pm and had her at 11:43 on February 10th!Her name is Elinor Michelle. She weighed 6pnds and half an ounce. She was 20in long. Labor went extremely well, just like my son's birth. I am lucky and very blessed. I only had 3 pains that got a bit intense each one building til that 3rd one and with that...I was ready to push.Before that point, labor was pretty much a breeze. Nothing too intense and I was relaxed and happy. I got up into the bed and with the help of my mom and my sister holding my legs, it took 4 pushes an she was out. 13 minutes of pushing. I did end up having to have my water broke and I did get a shot of nubain after that b/c I thought the labor would get too intense to handle. I am happy I did b/c those last 3 pains and pushing her out were very intense and painful. I can only hope and pray that each of you have this kind of labor and delivery! I just got home about an hour ago but, I wanted to tell you guys all about everything that happened! When I get a few extra minutes tomorrow I will post some pictures for you all to see. I am sorry I can do it right now b/c I am anxious to share but I haven't even downloaded pics to my computer yet.

Thank you all for all the congrats and well wishes and Monika thank you so so much for updating everyone. I love you ore than you know.
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Congratulations!! Thanks for sharing your birth story.....can't wait to see pics!
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Oh my goodness! What a wonderfully quick and painless labour!
Congratulations to you, and glad that you did not attempt to go home in the snow!

Enjoy your baby
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Here she is guys!!




Again, sorry I am being so short. There is so much to do but, I still want to continuously thank you all for the support and love!!
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