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Did you night wean FIRST before daytime?

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Just curious about this as I always seen a lot of discussions about night weaning children. All four of my kids held onto the night nursing longest, well after they had given up daytime nursing. My almost three year old nurses only at bedtime and during the night. So I'm wondering if night weaning is the norm. Did anyone else day wean first or am I freak of nature?
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I don't night wean, I just wait until they do it themselves. Which for the first two was between 2-3 years, they did continue to nurse during the day after that but it certainly was decreased.
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Nope, he nursed night time more than any other time. I just stopped nursing at once.
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I did night-wean first--around 15 months. I weaned him to a sippy cup of milk and shortly thereafter he started sleeping through the night, which was my goal. (We only co-slept until he was a year, so I was getting tired still waking twice a night.) He nursed until 20 months when I was in such pain from pregnancy that I was seriously thinking I didn't want to nurse the next baby at all. I knew I had to quit then. It was harder on me than him. He's never looked back and I'm forgetting the pain and looking forward to nursing this little one to come.
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DS nurses mainly at night, every 2 hours approx. and I'm in the process of night weaning because it's starting to interfere with my health I wound up seeing a doctor today to see if it's something else, but either way I need to get my sleep. NW is actually making more sleep deprived so far b/c he wakes up anyway and it's sometimes difficult to get him back to sleep without nursing.

During the day, he still nurses. I hope we can keep that going as well as a before bedtime and when he wakes in the morning.

So in my case, yes, I am NWing and will do CLWing during the day if nothing else comes up. I just wish I could have kept the night time going too
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I nightweaned DS2 last month and he's still nursing during the day. He was nursing so much at night and then would wake up wanting to play, so neither dh nor I were geting sleep
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We night-weaned first, mostly for my health and sanity, when DD was 14 mo. old. Nightweaning gave me to strength to continue nursing DD for another year. She still doesn't STTN (she's 2.5), but she only wakes once and she used to wake every hour or two when she was night-nursing.
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So far I haven't "weaned" either kid really. When I was pregnant with ds and when he was a newborn I did convince dd not to nurse at night, but she was nearly 4 and hadn't been nursing at night before that for awhile really.

Ds is 20 months and still nurses whenever he wants, day and night.

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I nightweaned my close to 21 mo old three weeks ago and it was the BEST decision for both of us. He is still free to nurse during the day and I nurse him to sleep.

But, he was waking up every hour to nurse for 30 seconds and I was so beginning to resent him. Now, since nightweaning he only wakes once at 5 am to nurse and then sleeps until 7:30 or so. And we are both happier and more well rested.

We did the Jay Gordon method and the last few nights when there was no nursing he slept with his Daddy. So, he still was cuddled and was never alone, he just couldn't nurse.
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I night-weaned my oldest when he was around 14 months old and I was pregnant with his brother (I also had to sleep with my back to him so he didn't keep kicking me in the belly, hah). It was a decision based on my comfort and sanity; he wasn't really ready for it. He's still nursing now at 3 years old.

His brother is 19 months and still nursing two or three times at night (and much more often during the day). I will probably encourage him to night wean at some point before he's ready to be done with nursing overall because, hey, uninterrupted sleep is awesome. I'm not 100% certain on that, though, since I'll be starting school in the fall and will be away a lot during the day; nights may be the only time he really gets to nurse, in which case I'll let him.
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Haven't nightweaned either of mine. First DD naturally dropped nightfeeds at around 3.5y I think, and second dd still feeds on demand day and night at 22 months.
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I've been nightweaning my 21 month old this week, which means no nursing from 12-7am (also using the Dr. Gordon method). I had always assumed nightweaning would be the last thing to go, but after 2+ years of constantly interrupted sleep, I've had enough! He still nurses during the day before naptime and again at bedtime. I'm actually a little bummed I didn't do it sooner (not really), since it has been SO EASY.
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we nightweaned at 18 months for sanity (I wasn't getting any quality sleep and it was killing me), by substituting soothing from Dad and offers of water for thirst while I slept elsewhere for 3 nights. We stopped nursing at 30 months, having been down to an afterschool session mostly, and some nursing to sleep, but I got pregnant and didn't want to tandem, and felt DD was ready to make the break. She's been very easy about it.
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