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Non-toxic cutting mat? (self-healing)

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Does anyone know of a self-healing mat - the kind you use for cutting with a rotary cutter? They've always smelled funny to me & when I looked at them at Joanne Fabric the other day, I noticed the warning labels (This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer...) and I refuse to buy one or bring one into my home.

What are my other options (aside from scissors)?
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hmmmm...I've never thought about it. But honestly almost everything in CA has that warning. I have a olfa mat which I use for quilting and absolutely LOVE it. Im not too sure what its made of but I would think some sort of pvc/plastic and the paint in it. I would think with reasonable care and caution it would be ok..for instance you dont go around licking the mat or paint. I would *think* the issue would be the paint used for the grid on it.
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Off-gassing would be the main issue (aside from environmental concerns.) I also tend to be pretty sensitive to chemicals (getting headaches, sore throats, etc.)
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I would love to know of one, too. I really need one to work on some baby quilts. I do have a regular toxic one, but I am too afraid to touch it!

I had hoped it was fairly benign like the PP, and dangerous if you chewed on it or something. But, jeeze louise! I never thought of off-gassing. I have been storing this under the bed.
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I am bumping this thread because I would love any ideas as to what to substitute in place of a self-healing mat.  I really want to use my rotary cutter!


Also I had to share that in doing a google search I found a pink "cancer awareness" self-healing mat for sale.  Huh?  What is next pink packs of cigarettes?

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I usually use heavyweight cardboard with my x-acto blade. Its not self-healing, but once a piece gets nasty you can recycle it and get a new one. The types of boxes that are held together with big metal staples are the best (healthfood stores often get vitamins mailed in that kind...like County Life or Solgar brands).
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