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Natural ways to heal teeth transparency

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Can anyone chime in on teeth transparency? This problem crept up on me almost overnight. I've heard a lot of different theories and treatments. But for example I do not eat candy or any type of soda/coffee/juice.

I'm guessing I'm low on minerals and worried about how that is impacting boo #2.

My dentist says I could have white filling layers applied (it's on my two front teeth). That sounds dumb TBH. He also says I should use a flouride toothpaste. I'm not happy about that idea.

I'm not against supplementing, especially since I have severe food aversions and this symptom probably indicates a pretty bad deficiency.

But where would you begin?
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I've seen changes in myself due to a number of things, which one(s) may apply to you would depend on your strengths/weaknesses.

If I slack on my multi-mineral supp (equal amounts of cal and mag with a good balance of other stuff, boron, trace minerals, but I assume the cal and mag are the big players here), the transparency increases.

I noticed improvements when I started supplementing D, I was surely very low beforehand. The vitamin D council is a good place to read about supplementing that. I use Carlson products for this.

When I started cod liver oil, the high amount of vitamin A PLUS a weird quirk of my family meant I got very low quickly on K2, so when I upp'd my K2, I saw improvements. I am pretty sure I'm low on vitA, but the other fat soluble vitamins seem more important for me for dental stuff. Thorne K2 is one option, I use a higher dose kind because of my quirkiness, it's a Carlson product, but Thorne should be plenty for most people.

I _do_ supplement a lot, I admit, but this has been a long stretch of time, I'm not playing with everything every week.
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I'm doing d3, 5,000 every other day. What I'm trying to figure out is, does the transparency mean I am calcium deficient?

I didn't even think of a k2 deficiency, thanks. I know I have vit A problems. I've always had D and A problems.
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I don't think it means necessarily calcium, or only calcium and not anything else in addition. That's the thing--I could fiddle with most of Weston Price's key nutrients and see changes, so I can see that it could be any of them, or some combination of them. I don't think you'll know for certain til you make a change and see a difference or don't.

FWIW, I'm taking closer to 6,000 IU of D per day, I think I need a fairly robust amount, after likely being deficient my entire life.
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