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Lil miss Mieke Kelli, stubborn child! Born 2/9 weighing 6lbs 10oz, 20" long.

Her birth story, short and simple: My water broke in the morning on the 8th. I started feeling mild contrax and since my previous PROM baby came extremely fast, I figured we should go ahead and head to the hospital. Got checked at the docs then went into the maternity center and got my room. We immediately started walking around. A few hours later and they checked me again-no change and baby still high. So they started me on low dose pit. That brought on some more consistent contrax, but still nothing was changing. I kept trying different positions, trying to get her to move down and did everything I could think of. Oh and oddly, I'd been having consistent contractions for 2 days before this but as soon as my water broke, everything just stopped. Totally backwards!

Anyway, they slowly upped the pit to the max I could have as a VBAC and it still wasn't doing much. By this time I knew something was wrong and started losing hope...after checking me again (I know, I always swore I'd keep everyone out of there if I had PROM but...I HAD to know because I felt something wasn't right) and still no progress at all, the doc decided to let me go up a little more on the pit to see if it would finally kick start stuff but again, notta. I tried taking a hot bath, hoping that maybe relaxing would help or perhaps, when getting out of the tub, it'd bring on more contractions but it did the opposite. Even with the pit all the contractions died down.

After 20 hours of this, I gave up. I was so exhausted and was getting more and more upset at myself for my body not cooperating. The hospital was actually great and let me do everything I wanted to and to my surprise, they don't have that stupid 24 hour rule with PROM. As long as I looked ok and baby looked ok, we could've kept on-but I just couldn't do it. I trust my instincts and my instincts said that waiting would just drag out the inevitable.

So I had a cesarean...it went better this time, I still freaked out a bit but not nearly as badly as last time. I think it helped that my fiance was there She started crying right away and needed no help. Since she was 37 weeks to the day, she didn't even need any special care observation. She got wrapped up and my fiance got to hold her the whole time. As for what was up-Mieke stayed very high, probably because she was posterior AND her head was cocked to one side. But thats also why labor didn't actually progress, she was only putting a little pressure on my cervix and it was with the wrong part of her head. It probably didn't help that she was so light compared to my others as well.

Mieke is doing great and is a champion nurser. The hospital was also great about that...I got to nurse her about 45 minutes after she was out and they never said anything about checking her glucose or giving her anything. She's so tiny though, I have almost nothing that fits! Good thing they grow fast! I guess I do have a use for those preemie prefolds now huh? lol
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Awww, congratulations mama! You must be so thrilled to be holding your new little one! I'm sorry your VBAC didn't go as planned (I'm trying for one this time) but the important thing is a healthy happy baby. Enjoy!
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oh i'm so happy for your healthy baby and that you trusted your instincts eventhough the vbac did not go as planned.
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Fantastic!! hope your well xxx
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Congratulations! Love up that sweet little girl!!! Enjoy your babymoon with your sweet, tiny babe
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Congratulations! I hope your recovery goes well. Enjoy the new baby!
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Congratulations! Can't wait for pictures.
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Welcome to the world Meike!
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Welcome to the world, sweet Mieke. Heal well, and enjoy your babymoon, mama!
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She sounds like a wonderful babe! Congrats!
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Congrats!! Way to trust your intuition and do what you needed to do for you.

And we want pictures!!!
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congrats on both your new babe, and you finding peace with the way she made her way into the world!!


(and i'm sure that i don't have to mention how completely jealous I am that i don't have my little one yet!!)
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Thank you for sharing your story. Glad you were able to make decisions for yourself and not feel pressured.

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I'm so happy for you!
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Congrats!! Sorry it didn't go the way you'd hoped though.
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Originally Posted by michelle_mg View Post
oh i'm so happy for your healthy baby and that you trusted your instincts eventhough the vbac did not go as planned.
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Congratulations on your birth!!!
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