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Medicaid ???

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I have a question regarding my DD's Medicaid coverage.

I had a problem finding a pediatrician who would accept her as their patient since we don't vaccinate her. I didn't find one and our old one has dropped us for this reason. So I started looking for a family practitioner instead. So far no luck there either. But I'm OK with that for now.

I realized that none of the better doctors accpet Medicaid.

I never apllied for any help from WIC and BF my DD. This lady (from Community Alternatives Unlimited) keeps calling me, telling me that I HAVE to come in and have my daughter checked out by them(?). I don't know what to expect...questions regarding vaccines, us not having a pediatrician at the moment, etc. Do I HAVE to go there (she says yes, obviously) if I don't get any help from WIC? Or does this have something to do with Medicaid itself?

This is probably not even possible...but does anybody have a private insurance for office visits and (can you still keep) Medicaid for emergency purposes?

Thank you!
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what state? nip. may be cheaper to pay for office visits out of pocket then pay private insurance.
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where are you located? there are some no vax/selective vax friendly physicians in chicago, and there are a few threads here about them.

re: the community alternatives caseworker, i had a caseworker check up on me for my ds' first year too - basically if you are on medicaid you have a chance of being randomly drawn for "follow-up" by a third party caseworking group, i know it can't be every mama because only one of the several i know also had to do this. i was very uneasy about it but it ended up going well, the caseworker was just glad we lived in stable housing with food to eat and was very supportive of my breastfeeding. my ds was fully vaxed at the time though so i can't predict how that might go over. it might help if you found a supportive dr first.

wishing you the best!
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Thanks for your help. I'm in IL/Chicago, BTW.

It makes sense to just pay for visits out of pocket but i'm afraid if something were to happen, something more serious that would require medical intervention, we would have a major problem.

I have read the posts about non-vax friently pediatricians in Chicago, but none of them accepts Medicaid. One I have found does not accept new patients on Medicaid.

I would be very comfortable seeing either someone at Homefirst or Dr. Minkus. Both aren't too far from us.

Our old doctor said we have to come in for the baby well visits (Medicaid). If I have a private insurance, can I decide how often to come? How often do typically non vaxers come? Any well visits at all? Only when their child is sick?

Obviously, I'm very new to all this and really appreciate your help. Thanks again.

As for the case worker, I don't even know who she works for. She said they have to check her weight and such, iron levels, whether she is up to date (probably meaning vaccines). No mention of my home. Wouldn't visit me if I come to their office. It seems like what some of my friends who use WIC have to undergo a few times a year (about 7 or 8 times I think). But I don't get anything from WIC. I have to ask her. We got into a little argument the last time because I admitted to cosleep with my daughter...now I know not to tell openly.
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When my now 3 year old was a baby I took her in for her first couple of visits and once they started pushing vac's i stopped taking her except for once a year for a well check or when she is sick. What i did when looking for a doc, i got a list from medicaid and called down the list. do you take new medicaid patients? Do you accept nonvac'ed kids? don't even have to waste time going in to find out. GL.
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