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what friends/family predict vs. what you have!

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I think everyone who is pregnant has all sorts of people try to predict the gender. Whether you are finding out at the ultrasound or at birth I find it fun to keep track. When I was pregnant with DD, we even had an office pool going at 5$ a piece. I thought it might be fun to get a thread going! I only have two predictions so far:

Coworker M - Boy
Best Friend #2 - Twins!
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Last time, my parents thought they KNEW. We were in Italy, and I was in the pool. My mother said "You're having a girl" and I was like what? and then my dad said "We think you are having a girl" They kept acting like they knew. Well, it was a boy. I noticed they havent made any predications this time.
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My mother is already calling this baby "she" and buying us girl clothes even though I've asked her not to do either of those things. It's bordering on insanity. I think after 2 grandsons she just wants a granddaughter so desperately that she's refusing to let the other possibility enter her mind (of course she thought my DS was a girl too so.....).
No one else is really putting any guesses out there, since we're waiting till birth this time maybe they are waiting until we're closing to really knowing.
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Only the people who had dreams last time -- me and mil -- guessed rt. This time, most people, including me keep slipping and calling the baby "she"
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I have two boys, I don't remember any guesses with my first (and we found out at 18 weeks so there wasn't that long to think about it). With my second I remember everyone guessing it was another boy, and I thought it was a boy, and we didn't find out, but I got "boy" stuff for him and sure enough, he was a boy. With this one, everyone is thinking girl but maybe that's wishful thinking!
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Last time my mom guessed girl even though I was certain it was a boy. I really wanted a boy, so I think I was convincing myself. My mom was practically laughing at me, telling me it was a girl. I found out through ultrasound at about 20 weeks and my mom was right.

This time she's guessing girl as well, but she's admitted that she isn't as certain this time around. She's not getting any really strong vibes either way. Other than her nobody has any real guesses so far. DP thinks boy, but I think that is wishful thinking. I keep saying boy, but I'm pretty 50/50.
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My OB SWEARS it's a girl after my 12 week U/S and my appt today when we hear the HB. My mom really wants us to have a girl to, so I jokingly told her Dr. was on Team Pink with her. We'll find out (if Bubble cooperates) on the 23rd of March.
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My mother has already crocheted me a blue afghan for baby. She says she "did the Chinese gender test" and it's a boy. Of course, she thought we conceived in October. Nope, November. Besides, one of those tests says girl, the next says boy. They're all different. 50/50 chance.....
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My family, DH's family, DH, myself & a fair number of people at work all say it's a boy.

We have a few holdouts who are certain it's a girl (mostly everyone at work is dying for someone to have a girl - the last 5 pregnancies here have all been boys!!!)
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no further predictions from others but THREE dreams I have had we have had a boy.
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Everyone told me this baby would be a boy, but its a girl. I think I *thought* it was a boy for a while, but I dont know if that was a "feeling" as much as a hope, does that make sense? It only lasted a few weeks, then I became pretty sure it was a girl due to "feelings" and the way I was feeling, etc. Yep, girl.

MIL *ALWAYS* thinks its a boy. Always. She only wants me to have boys, because SHE only had boys. She thinks that the amnio was wrong and that this baby is a boy because SHE says it. MIL's....arent they super?
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My sister and gf swear the babe is a boy, I have boy feelings and have had baby dreams and he was a he . I was quite sure at the beginning of this pg he was a boy, but now I'm not so sure... we have no ideas or agreements I should say~ for boy names.
Dh keeps saying she for 'logical reasons" "bunkbeds" :eyeroll:
He wants the baby to be a girl so our 2 youngest can share a bedroom, we already have pretty white bunkbeds waiting from when my dneice lived with us. It's pretty funny because our babies don't even sleep in a room until they are 3 or so, and pretty much only a few hours at the beginning of the night. He's making plans for 4 years down the rd. when baby is 3+ and dd2 is almost 7 .
I don't care either way, and truly nweither does he but I say 'wouldn't it be nice for ds to have a brother?"
Well... eiether way~ it's gonna be great. WE find out on the 18th so he can start his planning then .

Lots of other friends and family say 'boy', I yhink because now itis dd-ds-dd and the natural progression of pattern would be ds . Of course that makes *absolute* sense .

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Hmm. For DS I had NO clue. None whatsoever. My DH didn't either. We had lots of guesses, a lot of boy, but still some girl.

This time I'm not really sure again. My DH on the other hand is convinced that it's a girl. We haven't fully decided if we'll find out at the 20 wk u/s or not. We'll see. Not a lot of people know yet, so there haven't been a lot of predictions. I'm curious if DH is right
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