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Unique to Utah?

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I'm trying to move to UT but my case (ongoing divorce) will be better if I'm enrolled in a school or get a job that offers something I can't do in HI - like Radiology, or Midwifery, however, neither of those two actually appeal to me. Do you know of any good education/training programs for me or jobs that I could pretty much only do or be trained for in Utah? I know healthcare is a really big industry right now, but I'm not sure if I can handle it . . . just musing and would appreciate any insights you ladies may have. Thanks in advance!
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Hmmmm.............skiing instructor? Bet you couldn't do that in HI!

Sorry I don't really know but just wanted to wish you luck.
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Utah State is known for their Forestry and Wildlife education. Would that be something you are interested in? I am going to Utah state starting this fall (Anthropology) and DH is going to start a Masters in Natural Resource there too.
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BYU has one of the better non-English language programs around. USU has a good agriculture program.

Univ of Utah has a really good creative writing program and a surprisingly good modern dance program.

Good luck to you.
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Sorry you're going through a divorce.

Would citing the lower cost of living help you? I also think the job market is better here than in a lot of the US.

There are jillions of little trade schools around that have really specific career prep and are designed to be a "get through it as fast as you can" deal for non traditional students. Do they have schools like that where you are? Or maybe they have more programs available in this area? If you could look up the schools and find a program that you like, and just say, I can do this program in less time and during evening hours and I can't find a program like that in HI.

This website looks helpful. Maybe you can compare what is available in each state.

I have friends who go to Stevens Heneger and Provo College and they seem to like it.
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I would love to go to Utah State. THanks for the ideas, ladies, I've poked around on every major school website I could find for UT to start . . . the crappy job market in HI would work to my advantage BUT I have to find a good job in UT first . . . will check out Stevens Henager and Provo College . . .

On the bright side, I will be going to UT for 2 weeks in April/May to get my BS from BYU! Finally! after 11 years!
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