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First prenatal visit

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I just found out I'm pregnant, but when I called to make an appt with an OB they said they don't see me until 8 weeks. Is this normal? I guess I was expecting to go in sooner to confirm I'm pregnant and discuss what to do, not to do, and get general questions answered.

I'm hoping to have a homebirth, but haven't found a midwife yet so I thought it would be best to do the first one or two visits with an OB in the meantime. Would a midwife do the first visit around 8 weeks as well? Because I might be able to find one by then.
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my midwife doesn't do the first visit until 10-12 weeks
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My midwife saw me at 6w2d, and I'm scheduled to go in again at 10w2d.

I suppose every practice is probably a little different.
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My OB doesn't see me until 7-8 weeks. I think they want to make sure they can see a HB on the u/s. You can usually see one at 6 weeks but just to make sure, they don't want to see you before 7-8 weeks.
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The practice I go to won't see me until 8-9 weeks. Trouble is, I'm not at all sure of my dates, so at that point I'll be anywhere from 8 weeks, 1 day to 10 weeks, 5 days! Not knowing how far along I am is driving me crazy!
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I have initial visits booked with two hospital midwifery practices and one home midwifery practice (so far....)

One set of midwives wanted to see me ASAP to run blood tests, etc. So I was there before even six weeks, but the visit didn't tell me anything I didn't already know, it was mostly for them to get my blood and confirm the pregnancy, etc. I didn't even see a midwife, only a nurse.

They don't want to see me back again until 10 weeks.

The other midwives wanted to see me for the initial visit between 8 and 10 weeks.

The homebirth midwives wanted to see me right away, but that was more about talking to them and finding out if this can work for them and for me, we have to talk about how they practice, what I want, and try to make arrangements for their fee.

So, yeah, there's a range of ways that people practice.

In addition to all that, I had an early u/s and lots of early bloodwork with my fertility clinic.

One thing each of the hospital practices made clear to me was that if something came up, if something unusual happens, if I have acute concerns, they would like me to call them immediately, that likely holds for your OB as well.
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The practice I go to also does first prenatal visits around 8-9 weeks, unless you are high risk. They also do an ultrasound at that time, so you get to see things and hear the heartbeat. I believe this is fairly typical.
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If I go with the doctor I had DD with they won't see me until 13 weeks (It sucks) and if I go with the midwife she wants to see me at 10.
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my ex-OB wouldn't see me until 12 weeks unless there's a problem.
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I had my fist visit with DS at 11 weeks.
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My OBs office does the first visit with a nurse at 8 weeks to draw blood and get health history and then a second visit at 10 weeks for an ultrasound.
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I'm not pregnant, but I noticed this post for some reason. My last four pregnancies, I was seen at 7 weeks, 5 weeks, wasn't seen until the ER, and 15 dpo. I'm obviously pretty high risk, though.
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weird. as i've mentioned, i'm seeing an OB a few times so that i can get the nuchal scan @18 weeks (and anti nausea drugs if need be--plus, i need a pap, and an IUD after all's said and done, etc, etc) and he was happy to see me at 5 weeks. all he did was give me time to get to know him and present me w/ a target gift card for giving his practice the opportunity to serve me, lol. i'm going back (a week later) @ 6 weeks for a u/s (to rule out multiples) and get that long overdue pap. he seems super awesome. i was pleasantly surprised.
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I don't even know who to call (see my birth options thread ), so I'm like ten steps from knowing when I'll be going in.

Last time around, when I was going to Anchorage for every appointment, they had me on their "bush schedule," which involves fewer appointments, that they have for clients from isolated areas who have to fly in. I didn't go in until 12 weeks. It was AWFUL, because I had some spotting at 7 weeks (turned out to be nothing, just something getting bumped when DH and I DTD), so we had to sit around and worry (and not DTD anymore ) for those five weeks.

But had we not had our non-issue issue, it would have been no biggie.
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I go in tomorrow for my first one and I'm only 4 weeks... But it's just with my general practitioner and I didn't actually tell them how far along I am. I have a separate OB, and I'm not sure when I'll schedule that appointment. I'm hoping to get quantitative betas like the last time. My doctor seems to be pretty good with getting me whatever I want, but the GP doesn't deliver babies anymore.
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