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Boppy, Ergo, or Kiddopotamus swaddler.
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the Eurobath from primo. I got it a Babies R Us. I still use it at 18mo & LOVE it!!
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Boppy and a carrier (using a beco this time).
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Originally Posted by Mom2M View Post
The lifesaver for showers because I am incapable of showering with a baby, lol
We use it as a bed for naps too because it reclines and she can't lie flat to sleep. And she loves the vibrate.

Also, boppy for belly time, she hates lying flat on her belly and the Moby wrap.

Those were the most needed baby things for me but I have to say that my very favorite shower gift was a bag of wonderful Mommy things!
i would have loved on of those seats instead of the one i got hand me down. that seat has way more uses!

my baby uses the seat while i am showering. i love my moby. i have all hand me down clothes. never liked the swing. DD2 already likes her exersaucer for short periods. these are the things i asked for and got as hand me downs. if i had ever had a shower i would have liked something for myself. a good water bottle, a gift certificate for a massage, a gift certificate for a haircut maybe. i didnt go anyhere without my babies till they were at least 6 mo old.
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Originally Posted by Nillarilla View Post
so what were your "mommy things"? I've gotten her an aden and anais swaddling blanket and some berry plush covers and 2 embroidered GADs so far. I thought I might round it out with some mommy things and maybe a good AP baby book. Any suggestions. I'm lending her my nursing pillow, bumbo and baby carriers so that's taken care of.
Well, I'm too late for the first part of your question - what to buy for baby - but when I read it I immediately thought Aden & Anais! We discovered them with baby #4 and those blankets are the only blankets we use now - as swaddlers, as floor mats, stroller covers, burp cloths, crib blankets, everything. LOVE them.

Glad to see you caught my vibes and went ahead and got one.
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Originally Posted by staceychev View Post
I was also a big fan of Dr Sears' The Baby Book and LLL's The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. Both were important go-to books for the first year.
Yes, those would make great gifts!
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I was also going to say Aden and Anais blankets. We still use and love ours.

Moby style wrap and ergo

For Mama:
new socks, tea, cool water bottle, earth mama products, dinners (either brought to eat that night or frozen ones when baby is older and everyone is too tired to cook!)
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Moby and boppy for sure!
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My favorites were:
aden+anais swaddling blankets!
big insulated mug!!!!!!
baby carrier

could not have done it without these things.
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Miracle Blanket
Bouncy Seat
Lullaby cd
Moby wrap
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For me it was/is:
Carrier...I have 5, they are a personal choice and the Ergo was my fav.
Medela Pump...I had a ton of milk and still do- 400ozs in the fridge right now.
Swaddlers...made for easy wrapping at night and even my hubby could do it.
Pacifier Pod...yes we used them, not everyone does, but it was great to have a clean one handy in our bag when we were out and nothing else would sooth her.
California Baby Bath Products, unscented...I got these for me, because I wanted to smell like me and not use anything toxic since I was breastfeeding and my boobs were in her mouth constantly, no need to have them taste/smell like soap. They are great and they sell a "Newborn" tote that is awesome to try the products out.
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A cool diaper bag, was really nice to have because then when I was going out without the baby, I didn't have to transfer everything to my other purse. It was really hip and cool...

a good breast pump, a definite must for me as a WOHM.

A white noise machine!
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pack n play-- because of that, we didn't buy a crib, or changing table.

flat cloth diapers to use as burp cloths ect were great too.
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Oh, I have lots. It's hard to decide on just one.

Miracle blanket
NCSS, Happiest Baby on the Block, Dr. Sears Books, and a LLL manual
Swing (DS LOVED it, others hate it)
Moby wrap
Plain prefolds for burp rags
Breast pump

I agree that clothing in older sizes is great-plain and simple styles work best. The only thing is that DS has grown slower than expected, so some of his "older" clothes will be the wrong season by the time he grows into them.

Meal delivery those first few weeks was a lifesaver! I had an emergency c-section and it was hard for me to get around for awhile.
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Pack 'n Play with bassinet - great for having the baby sleep next to our bed.

My Brest Friend pillow - I've gotten more use out of it than anything else.

Swing - a friend loaned us a Fisher-Price Zen Collection Cradle Swing, and the baby loved it. It always put her right to sleep. She outgrew it pretty quickly though.
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There are a few things that I found to be "must haves"...

- play mat
- moby wrap (or any wrap/sling that you like)
- bouncer
- lots and lots of onesies
- swaddler
- thermometer/nail clippers
- birthing/yoga ball (to sit on and bounce the baby to sleep haha)
- breast pads
- sleep positioner (with an incline)
- night light
- bouncer or swing (so you can do things around the house if you need where you can't really carry baby
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Miracle Blanket
Happiest Baby on the Block DVD - all the techniques in the book, but easier to grasp when watching them
Sleep-and-plays - one piece footed outfits - DS still lives in these at 3 mo.
Moby wrap - especially for the early days
play mat
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Originally Posted by Nillarilla View Post
so what were your "mommy things"?
The Camelbak bite-valve water bottle.

That, and people who showed up at the house with food after the baby was born.
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Ergo (for DH) and Babyhawk (for me)
Pack 'n Play
Earth Mama Angel Baby post partum kit (this was a lifesaver)
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1. One-piece outfits with feet, preferably zip-up

2. Simple bouncy seat

3. Carrier/sling (but yeah, let her pick it out)

4. Anything "boring" but needed on her registry, like diaper cream, that other people probably won't get

5. A voucher for you to come over and be put to work cooking and cleaning, this really is the best gift if you live close enough
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