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still sore?

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so it's been almost 8 weeks.... and i'm still a wee bit sore.. am i the only one?

i think i got pinched a little on the left side when ds2 came out but no tears or anything but i can still feel it if i stand for a while or when DTD or when trying to have a bowel movment...

my other son was c/s so this is new to me. how long does it take to for the girly bits to feel normal again?
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nobodys still sore? i'm the only one?
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I am... still tender though its more because I began using tampons too soon and it made my soreness become a very irritating sore. This has been my toughest recovery yet, grrr wishing life didn't always have to be so physically challenging and painful. Though I must say with the previous one I used honey to help me heal faster, I think its time to pull it out again.

Hang in there it'll get better!
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yeap Im 9 weeks and still sore. If I DTD I basically can't sit long the rest of the day or workout .. and if I have to poop- well, yeah- sore too ..

no idea what could be causing it.. any ideas?
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My pubic bone, which hurt alot on and off the whole last 2 months of pregnancy is still sore. Especially in any position or action that uses inner thigh muscles. I figure it's still coming back together or something.

I did read that we still have levels of relaxin in our systems that only gradually decreased over a few months PP.
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