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Chas SC birth classes & doula's

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Hi Mama's
My sister is having her second baby in a few months and is wanting to do things differently this time around (yay!!) She is low income and having a hard time finding low cost but effective birthing classes and there seems to be only 1 doula listed for Chas on the dona site and she wasn't very helpful according to my sister. Would love some info on where to find a doula and classes for her so she can have the birth experience she wants and deserves! TIA
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She'll just need to ask as part of her interview if the doula has a sliding scale/payment plan.

2 of the doulas are also childbirth ed instructors, so she can see that in their bio and contact them for prices. I'm not sure if they do any sort of sliding sclae/payment plan, but it doesn't hurt to ask.
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She can also contact the Charleston Birth Place and they can help her find some low-income low-cost classes and/or doulas. They're awesome there.
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