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Sigh...dd has H1N1

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Just when we thought it was over! And the kicker is, she got the vaccine months ago, but only one dose. Her dr never even mentioned a second dose. I didn't get vaxed bc I figured I'd only get it from her. Now we will both be taking tamiflu, just in case. My poor baby is miserable. The flu and double ear Infections, fever up to 104. It's awful seeing her so sick

so if I do get it, how bad will it really be? Anyone have it while pg?
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My DD and I just got over it a week ago. Well, they think we had it, we were never tested. It sucked, but it wasn't that bad.

We took Yin Chiao (Chinese herb) and it worked great.
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Yup we had it. I had it right at the beginning of my pregnancy. The worst part about it for me was just how long it lasted. It was weird. It would go in stages. Like one day I would be bed ridden with a high fever. Than the next day I would have cold symptoms. Then 3 days later a fever again, and then a stomach thing. I think the best thing you can do is just get lots of rest, stay hydrated, take some extra vitamins. Everyone is effected by it differently, so it's hard to say how your body will handle it.

I hope you are all feeling well very soon. It's no fun being sick Hang in there.
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Oh that stinks. We had it but it was right before I got pg. For us, the high fever/chills was the worst and averaged about 36 hours then dropped down, then went away and the cough and cold syptoms started. Thankfully we never got a stomach part. It does suck in the beginning but it wasn't any worse than the regular flu we got the year before. Hope you all get better soon!
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Im so sorry your DD got it. Poor girl. Just wondering though, if you could wait to see if you get it and then take the Tamiflu. When I was talking to my doctor about TTC and since she knows I work at the hospital as a doula, she gave me a prescription for Tamiflu because I wasn't getting the vaccine. She told me not to take it unless I developed symptoms. That was even if DH or DD got it. I'm not sure of its safety during pregnancy. Not everyone who is exposed develops symptoms and its really not anymore more dangerous at this point in your pregnancy. It only causes more problems later on, due to the already diminished lung capacity.

Anyways, not trying to tell you what to do. Just passing on what my doctor told me Hopefully you don't get it and your daughter gets over it quickly.
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Thanks for the sympathy and empathy, mamas. DD is already so much better this morning. Her fever broke overnight and she seems more like herself today. It may be the calm before the next storm, but for now, it seems the worst is over.

Trimesterdoula, I don't love the idea of taking the tamiflu, but my CNM was pretty adamant about it, and I'm trusting her. With such close contact btw me and dd ( we slept together last night) it's pretty certain I would get it. Also, I'm a wohm and can't afford that many sick days. Maybe I won't take the whole course if I seem fine in a few days. It's a tough call.
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It is a tough call. You have to do what you think is best If you CNM says its ok, it probably is.
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