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Best Washing Machine/Detergent for Cloth Diapers?

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What machine works best for cloth? I had a top loading 20 yr old small machine and it worked fine. It broke after Christmas and we got the maytag neptune. It is not working at all. I've tried Biokleen and Ecos laundry detergent. No luck. I was told by maytag to return it because they only recommend using "HE" detergents. And there are four of those. Tide, whisk, Cheer and All or something. None of which I can use. We want something natural.

My diapers are on their 3rd cycle right now and I'm sick of this headache. Either I have to reduce the detergent so much that they don't get clean, or I end up with tons of suds. I'm probably going to have to return this machine for something else. What should I get? Do all front loaders pretty much not use enough water to get them clean without several loads? Or is it just this one? I'd like a large capacity machine, and I'd like to only have to run 2 cycles. Is that unrealistic? I'm willing to wash every day to prevent bacteria build up. But the machine I have right now doesn't do well with small loads. But for my other laundry I want as big a machine as I can get.

Also, I was going to try melaleuca detergent this weekend. My parents just joined melaleuca and offered to bring some over. Beyond that I don't know what else to try. So if I do need to return it, what machine will work well? Thanks so much for any help! I'm really sick of feeling stressed about diapers. I want to be enjoying my children, not thinking about this. KWIM? Please share what machine works well for you and what detergent you use and if you have time, what your routine is. Thanks a TON!

....I want to enjoy my newborn and two older children, not sit by the washing machine!
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There is another FL thread on this page you should look at.

You may want to try Country Save detergent in your Neptune. It's low sudsing and no perfume.

I'm not a fan of the Neptune, from consumer reviews I've read.

We have an LG FL and I like it a lot, but I have to do a rinse cycle, then hot wash cycle, then anohter rinse cycle to get everything fresh.

If you have the choice, and diaper laundry is your main concern, I'd get the Top loading Whirlpool/Kenmore Catalyst in Super Capacity.
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We havea Kenmore frontloading machine. We've had it for exactly 16 months and we love it!
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hey kermit what is LG?
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Lucky Goldstar!
But they changed the name to just "LG Electronics"
They make all sorts of good stuff. Used to be carp back in the 70's, but their quality today is very good.
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We've got a top loading Maytag....my old one was better - but this one is ok.

I use Cream of the Crop Detergent....it cleans like magic.
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I have a top loading Maytag Atlantis (the version of the Atlantis that is the top of the Atlantis line, the step down from the Neptune.) I have had it for about two years and have been CD'ing for almost a year. I use liquid Tide w/Bleach Alternative, about 1/3 cap each washing. I have not had problems getting my dipes clean, but I usually run them through two cycles (one cold (with Tide), one hot (with nothing added)) and then two extra rinses. It seems like a bigger deal than it is, but its really just resetting the dial two extra times, and it does get all of the soap out.

I did our dipes in my SIL's Neptune once so we could stay at their house an extra night. I wasn't extremely pleased with the performance.
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Thanks. I think we will have to return it. The question I am still wondering about is do all front loaders have that problem with detergent...either its not enough to get them clean, or using too much and they end up needing several rinses? Anyone know? Thanks so much.

We'll probably go back to the top loader. The neptune has had too many complaints from what I can tell. I think that the average person must be ok with it because most people are fine with using tide or whatever. And most people are totally unaware of detergent build up because they're not using cloth diapers where it really matter. But for cloth diapers, maybe its a lemon.

Gosh, I've learned way more than I've ever wanted to know about laundering! LOL! I'm gonna be an expert by the time I get done diapering these kids!

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I love my Kenmore Elite (Catalyst) Front Loader. I gets clothes really clean- much better than my old top loader. I've been happy with how it does the diapers as well.
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I have a Fisher & Paykel. I really love it. It is supposed to be very energy/water efficient.
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I know this thread's a couple of weeks old, but I'm browsing

I have a Duet HT and it works just fine on my diapers, with Kirkland (Costco) ten-bucks-for-a-five-gallon-bucket detergent. It also has a "sanitary" cycle that heats the water to 150 degrees, which I haven't even used yet.
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If Maytag says return it, then return it. My Neptune would get stuck in the spin cycle and my electric bill went up $200 for the two months that it was broken. Nobody wants to fix the things. Lowe's came out to pick them up and brought me Whirlpool Duets. I add water for my diapers, but other than that, I can't complain.
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Re: Best Washing Machine/Detergent for Cloth Diapers?

Also, I was going to try melaleuca detergent this weekend. My parents just joined melaleuca and offered to bring some over. Beyond that I don't know what else to try. So if I do need to return it, what machine will work well? Thanks so much for any help!

Melaleuca detergent is great its what I use but its not recommened for front load washers. The Reason is because its highly concentrated and you need to add it to water. I love it though. One bottle does 96 loads because you only need an ounce. However, I love all of Melaleuca's products, and if I ever found one I didn't like I simply return it and get my money back.

For any of you trying to get all the toxins out of your house and you don't have the time to make your own--which is probably the best way to go-- Melaleuca is your next best option.
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