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what can you tell me about asheville?

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hello! thinking about relocating and interested in asheville! what can you tell me about it? i am curious about the quality of life in so far as organic eating, safety, activities for children, recreation, etc. also wondering about job market and income versus housing market. does the cost of living exceed the average wages?

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really, nobody has anything to say about asheville? i guess that tells me a lot....
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queen b, I'm not in Asheville, so I can't tell you a whole lot, but I'm sure you can find most of the things you're looking for. The job market is not great there, though. Their economy is primarily tourism based and consequently hit hard right now.

There are a lot of threads about Asheville here. Did you do a search? You might find what you are looking for there.

There is also an Asheville Mamas yahoo group or other group. If you search you can probably find more info there, too. I think that's where most of the Asheville MDC mamas hang out. I don't know more than that because I'm in the Triangle and so have never had a reason to join, but I've seen mention of it on threads here.

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Ack! No - nobody responding should NOT tell you a lot - Asheville ROCKS! RhiOrion and I will jump in here since we have both lived in Asheville! I went to college there and stayed for many years (I'm in the triangle now) and it's GREAT! My in-laws are still there and we go visit frequently. Organic eating is very easy in Asheville IMO - there are a number of HFS - Green Life - 2 Earth Fares and the French Broad Food Co-op. There are also a number of wonderful Farmer's Markets depending on what side of town you're on. Healthy (and vegan/vegetarian/organic) eating out isn't hard to do either with places like The Laughing Seed and Rosetta's Kitchen being first in my mind.

West Asheville is the most 'up and coming' IMO - lots of grassroots communities there and many young families.

Asheville is VERY artsy IMO - lots of local artists and therefore lots of street festivals, outdoor markets, cool shops, etc..

I really can't say enough good stuff about Asheville - honestly, if DH could find a job there we'd be back in a heartbeat.

ETA: Just read your OP and wanted to comment on a few other things - I think there are a lot of outdoor activities in Asheville and great opportunities for kids - it's the mountains so there are lots of trails and things to do outside. There is also a great kids museum downtown (pack place) and good public gardens for kids.

I think the biggest problem in Asheville is definitely the job market. Like I said, if DH could get a job there earning what he earns in Raleigh we'd be there. I am not sure if cost of living exceeds the average wage though.
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I think most of Asheville is all too busy shoveling snow to have responded. I bet you Ashevillians are so tired of winter at this point.

Obviously I don't live there anymore, but I lived there for six years and my ILs live in the area still.

I think of Asheville as being relatively safe. Like any city it has some less-desirable areas, and some that are safer.

Lots of recreation choices, especially if you love to hike or bike. The Blue Ridge Parkway is right there, and that gives you access to more hiking trails than you could ever dream of hiking. All different skill levels, too. Also great for just a nice drive.

There are lots of festivals downtown, especially in warmer weather. And even when there aren't actual festivals the downtown area tends to be a fun place to be.

You should have no trouble finding organic food. Lots of great restaurants. A couple of co-ops.

Job market is obviously going to depend on what you do for a living. To me this is where Asheville falls short. I think a lot of the best and most fun neighborhoods are quickly getting priced above what the average person can afford. It's a pretty expensive place to live in many situations. But if you have a job that is in demand in the area, then it's not so bad.

So, to sum up- Asheville is great. But sometimes the economic and job situation is not so great.
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Haha, Carhootel and I should have just gotten together and posted one big post. You can tell we have similar view points on Asheville. If DH and I could find jobs there we'd move back for sure.
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Originally Posted by queen b View Post
really, nobody has anything to say about asheville? i guess that tells me a lot....

We have a popular bumper sticker seen on quite a few cars around these parts. It says: "Don't move here".
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interesting post as Asheville is one location we're considering for a year or so so I can go to massage school - others being Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Portland and Seattle. We plan to ultimately end up in the NW but the school and lower cost of living is quite a plus.

So what areas of Asheville are affordable yet safe? A few neighborhoods so I could check craigslist would be great!
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I will vouch for asheville.

I mostly just agree with what previous posts have said. we are vegetarian and have no trouble meeting our dietary preferences anywhere in town. summer is the real reason to live here. so much good music, great weather, camping and hiking, gardening, oh I can hardly wait. this winter has been RIDICULOUS and I think we are all pretty much over the sight of snow.

the job market is rough, but it depends on what field you are in. my husband works in mental health/social work and while he hardly makes "good money", he hasn't had too much trouble staying employed. and the cost of living is pretty high compared to other spots in NC.

we live in montford, a really cool historic neighborhood within walking distance of downtown. we rent, so I can't tell you too much about housing costs if you plan to buy. we've lived all over town and this is my favorite neighborhood that we have lived in. some of the neighboring towns (we've lived in brevard, black mountain, weaverville) are a little cheaper as far as housing.

it is a great place for kids and families and that is why we stay. and the mountains. and the gardening season. and the music scene. okay, there are lots of reasons
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Montford is awesome. I love West Asheville the most, though. It used to be a sort of sketchy area so prices were low, then the hippies came in and made it a community with a great vibe, and of course now they're being priced out of the neighborhood because it's gotten so much nicer (there are still some sort of sketchy parts, but not too many).

If you don't care about being able to walk to cool places, and don't mind having to drive everywhere, then living out in the country can be much cheaper. I know that when we lived in Leicester it was only about a 20 minute commute to most of Asheville, but that some of the areas out that way are cheaper.
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I'll vouch for Asheville, too.

We're now living in a small town about 45 minutes away, but I lived in Asheville for years and loved it. I've lived in both Montford and West A'ville and loved them both.
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I don't live in Asheville now, but grew up in Brevard (a small town near Asheville) from the time I was 3 until I left for college in 1997 (I went to UNCW in Wilmington). Now my family and I go back every summer to camp for at least a week (we still live in Wilmington), and my kids and husband LOVE it. I LOVED growing up in the mountains, and would love for my kids to grow up there, and every summer we go we talk about how nice it would be to move there. Since I don't live there now and haven't for several years I can't tell you much more other than that it a breathtakingly beautiful place and I miss it a lot!!!!!!!!
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My daughter will be attending college there in the fall UNCA. I have visited with her for school related events and have loved the area. I think you will be happy there!! Good luck.
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Originally Posted by birthpartner View Post
My daughter will be attending college there in the fall UNCA. I have visited with her for school related events and have loved the area. I think you will be happy there!! Good luck.
I hope she loves it! I miss UNCA. I met my husband and some of my best friends there, and overall had a GREAT time.
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We lived in Asheville for 2 years while my dh was in grad school. They were 2 fabulous years!

If dh could find a job there, we'd be back in a heartbeat.
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I live 25 minutes outside of Asheville and love it. I lived in town but I much prefer living in the country where I can really see those mountains. The job market is tough and housing prices are better than they were, but still not inexpensive. The vibe here is awesome and it's pretty much a live and let live kind of attitude.
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