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Losing my milk

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It's really leaving...not just dropping in amount. Tonight before bed DD nursed for a little bit on one side, then switched sides. She broke away after trying for a while and signing, "help" . I asked her if there was no milk and she shook her head no, snuggled in, and gave me a hug. I'm ok with her weaning I suppose, but it's just so sad to have it possibly actually happening. She's still so little.
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Oh Momma, I'm so sorry. My DD has been less communicative than yours about my milk situation, but I'm pretty sure we're in the same place. It feels really rotten to have that choice made for her and not by her. I'm sure both of our girls will be ok with a little extra love, but take care of your own heart.
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If you're interested motherlove makes a tincture called more milk two. I have been using it with success (as in I can tell a definite difference in supply when i forget to take it)
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Hugs mama. My youngest is noticing that my milk is much less. If it goes the way it went with my oldest, my milk will be totally gone in a few weeks. You can still dry nurse though for comfort, which is what I did. He didn't seem to mind and was ecstatic when colostrum came in later and he was getting something again.
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That started happening to me around 4 months pregnant with my second daughter...and also nursing just became almost intolerable for some reason...she was around 2 years old and made the transition better than I thought she would and all turned out fine. (hugs)
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My milk is dropping really low but my daughter thinks it is fine to dry nurse. Personally I'm having to grit my teeth and I think I have managed to crack a tooth I am clenching my jaw so hard.
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My milk has been gone since about 8 weeks. It's sad, DS only comfort nurses at bedtime or naptime occasionally..(if he naps, that is).

I know how you feel mama! I was not ready for it to happen either.
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My milk has dropped to almost nothing, but DS doesn't seem too bothered by it. He's still happily nursing. I had actually hoped that he might quit at night, but that hasn't happened yet.
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