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Not great 30 wk u/s just venting I guess

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We went in for our u/s the other day at 30 wks and after the sonographer took all the measurements the peri came in to tell us that she has some concerns. First she tells us that both kids bellies are measuring smaller than their gestational age: baby A is a week or so behind and baby B is about 3 weeks behind. The babies are on the small side, A is 2lb 12oz and B is 2lb 9oz, and she’s concerned that the kids are not getting adequate nutrition. She had the sonographer do a doppler and I forget what she said but something she saw in baby B’s heart rate makes her think the placenta might not be functioning optimally.

Then she said my cervix has shortened to 1.85 and she wanted to do a NST to see what’s happening with contrax. I had about 4 or 5 contrax during the NST but the babies didn’t seem to mind or respond to them at all. She didn’t put me on bed rest per se but she told me to take it easy, no more walking, yoga, lifting heavy stuff, I have to stay off my feet etc., and she wants me to come in for twice weekly monitoring.

DH and I decided that it would be best for me to stop doing stuff around the house and spend the next few days until my next dr. appt. on bed rest to see if my cervix starts to lengthen again and to see if I’ve been a calorie hog all this time and my lack of activity might help them bulk up. I’m bummed and I’m pissed. I guess I just took for granted that everything was happening in a healthy way and that my body was making two people and I felt good no real aches or pains; nothing really to complain about but a little heartburn. Now I feel like my body is falling down on the job of nurturing and providing for these two babies who are completely relying on me for everything.

I’ve been so concerned with being able to have a natural/drug free delivery that I never once considered the fact that I might deliver too early or that these kids might not be big or healthy enough. Now I don’t give a shit about “my” labor I just want to make it to at least 36 weeks and grow these kids to 6 lbs. a piece.

Sorry for the novel, I guess I just needed to vent A LOT.
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Hugs Hun. Just take it real easy and try not to worry. Worry does nothing helpful
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I am so sorry! It has to be so hard to hear news like this. Just take the best care you can of yourself. Lots of water, protein, healthy foods. Not much waling- only to go pee, and get some netfilx, books, write in a journal, talk on the phone. THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT! You are doing your best.
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Hugs. It seems like you just have to almost expect the unexpected with multiples, doesn't it? I think your plan sounds good - try to take it easy and rest, eat lots of protein and calories, drink lots of fluids, and see what happens. Try to relax and think positive thoughts.
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Keep baking those babies, mama! Try to enjoy the doctor's orders; after those babies are born, you won't relax for years!!!
Do you have good books? Friends to meet for tea? A long Netflix queue? A journal that's been neglected? Something to paint or knit?

Eat well, rest well. It's all you can do!
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Thanks for all the positive feedback ladies. It means more than you know.

I had another NST today and nary a contraction, they dopplerd the babies to monitor blood flow and everything looks good. My cervix is still short, it's not funneling but it's still shorter than 2 which isn't great. I've been resting these past few days and finding things to keep my occupied during my down time.

Thanks again.
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I wouldn't stress about the belly measurements. Measurements with ultrasound are notoriously inaccurate at this late in the game! Being off by a week is nothing!!

Keep resting and eating but don't stress. Stress is bad too!!
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