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I'd be okay wearing a bikini if it weren't for my stretch marks darn things ruin everything. I have a tankini from target, but I've worn my regular one piece until 7 months. I really wanted a retro style one piece this year, but I can't find any maternity ones. Oh well, fashion will have to wait until
next summer!
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When I'm not pregnant (and now) I feel like I have that saggy belly, old faded stretch mark not so hot look going, with 10 lbs too many not helping any. Clearly the confidence to get into a bikini is lacking. But when I'm round I feel GLORIOUS! I can't wait to get myself into a bikini and strut my stuff! If this is my last babe, it might be my last chance to wear one.

I've had 2 maternity suits (old navy and Motherhood maternity). I swim a lot. It's hot here. Both of them cost a fortune and fell apart fast. I'm not bothering to go that way again.
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I'm in trouble too. I'm around a 16-18 without being pregnant, so I'm probably going to have to just jump to something like a 20-22. The maternity stores around here, usually go to a 16 tops, (apparently big girls don't get nookie) so I just buy larger plus sizes. Fortunately we have a pool, so I don't have to scare away too many people.
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I've been looking for a suit because I like to swim laps. My speedos are fine for now, but I don't want to stretch them out. It seems like most maternity suits are beachwear, not for lap swimming (I need a racer style back.)

It doesn't help that I wear an 18 prepregnancy and have enormous boobs (G cup. I shudder to think how big they'll get!)

Like the previous poster, I'm planning on buying a suit a few sizes larger. If it gets all stretched out, that's fine. I'll probably just get a larger speedo or one (one piece, speedo style) from Lands End or something, and take in the straps if I need to.

I'd try a tankini, but unless there is a drawstring in the bottoms, I'd be afraid of losing them when I swim!
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