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Yes, 90% of the time we, or at least the kids, are sitting at the kitchen table.

On occasion we spread out some towels or a blanket and have a "picnic" while we watch something special together at dinner. And on kids birthdays they're allowed to have whatever they want for dinner, and as my oldest has figured out that means ANYTHING, and if he's careful with his selection he can usually get us to agree to a picnic.

Anyway, I do it because there are too many crumbs as it is, and we all know crumbs get tracked. I can't have that happening all over all the time. And spills happen...no matter where they're sitting. And a few years ago, when we stopped using an exterminator monthly we had a small roach issue. Small, because we were able to stop it quickly, but big ick factor for me, and I had a hard time sleeping. I washed everything before I put food anywhere near it etc. I'd really rather not repeat that, and keeping the food to one area is helpful.

They do call us out a lot on eating in the living room, because we do it a lot more than we should.
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DH has taken over our dining table as his desk (happens in EVERY apartment we have been in and hoping angainst hope it will change when we buy a house with space for a real office)...so we pretty much eat wherever, mostly in the family room as we don't have a kitchen table. Some of our stuff is in storage but I used to make DD sit at her small table to eat, which worked well, and I usually ended up eating there too. DH does eat at the "dining" table a lot since he is usually eating and working at the same time...

I do hold out the hope that one of these days we will start having real "family meals", but we are usually hungry at different times...
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For meals and most snack, yes. However, we do picnics in the family room, snacks on the sofa with a book, etc. But for the most part food is at the table, but since our table is in the middle of our kitchen/family room (open floor plan) it's not like an isolated area.
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We are getting there. All meals are at the table, and if they get up their meal is over. Most snacks are at the table or outside, except for special, announced exceptions (movie popcorn, playgroup snacks, Saturday morning cartoon cereal ).

You aren't the strictest mom. Promise.
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meals are eaten at the table. We are pretty strict about table manners too. No elbows on the table, no leaning back on 2 legs. No cartons on the table, etc.

Snacks can be eaten anywhere but the rule is you have to clean up after yourself or you lose the privilege. Pet peeve is dirty dishes next to the couch, 1/2 eaten food on the coffee table or on the playroom floor.
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oops double post!
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We don't eat at the table. A lot of times my husband and I eat at our desks. We have a small children's table that the kids usually eat their meals at. I don't care where they eat their snacks.
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Yes. We do movie night on Fridays where we have popcorn in the living room and once in a while we'll do the picnic on the living room floor but that's it.

I like eating together and I really dislike finding food particles in other parts of the house.
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Yes. For meals and snacks the kids eat at the table, with their butts in chairs (ie not standing next to the table shoveling food in). We have a family movie night once a week where we all eat pizza in the living room but that's the only exception.
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Yup, food ONLY at the table. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one. With five kids, I don't see any other sane approach for us. Besides, then we all eat more mindfully and are eating together. Although truthfully, I don't always enjoy eating my meal at a table with six other people when five of them are kids. Sometimes I would really like to eat a quiet, peaceful meal when I can taste my food.....if y'all know what I mean! Sometimes I think family meals are a bit more about crowd control.....
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Originally Posted by Nosy View Post
Sometimes I feel like we are the strictest parents around. We only eat at the table, not wandering around the house munching. Sometimes we might have a picnic on the floor or a snack while watching a movie but this is the exception rather than the rule. Just wondering if we are the only ones.
Nope. We're not "strict" parents at all in my estimation, but I absolutely don't allow my kids to eat all over the house. Occasionally we make an exception--especially if we have company over to our not-huge house--but generally, they know that food has to stay at the table (not that they never need reminding).

I'm pretty lax about letting them leave food at the table for a while, if they want, so that they can go play, come eat a few bites, go play, come back. If we're all sitting down to dinner, though, we all stay at the table while everyone eats.
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So glad it's not just us. I can't stand picking up food crumbs all over, and I am by no means a neat freak. I also think it helps us connect better and eat more mindfully.
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No. We sometimes eat at the table and sometimes not. No point in trying to make that a rule as I often times do not feel like eating at the table - so why should my son? lol We are grazers as well so we would be sitting at the table all day long if that were a 'rule' here! Not about to happen!

We have consensually come up with the solution (due to massive hoovering attacks lol) of no 'crumbly' food upstairs though. So no oat biscuits or rice cakes...but a banana or apple would be fine (as they arn't crumbly lol)!
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Meals are at the table, snacks are at the kitchen island. DS is only 3, but this won't change while they (DS and future kids) live here!

It is important for family bonding, for digestion/nutrition, even for the spirit. So important!
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We eat meals at the table. DD eats snacks in lots of places.
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Yes, we all eat at the table.
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Meals and snacks are all eaten at the table. I hate crumbs and sticky messes everywhere. Very rarely will I set out a blanket for an indoor picnic.

ETA- my ds also has autism so needs rules that he can hold onto. If I were to say "you can eat x, y and z in the living room but everything else has to be eaten at the table" he wouldn't get it. Everything gets eaten at the table, and ds is much happier to have that consistency.
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no we really don't. DD eats breakfast on a tray table on the couch while watching her morning tv show - I am in the shower during this time. DH eats breakfast before he goes to work and I eat it after my shower while checking email. Breakfast is always cereal. When we have pancakes, eggs, etc then we eat at the kitchen table. This had led to quite a bit of milk being spilled on my couch, but I am ok with that. When DD #2 comes along and starts eating solids, I suspect breakfast will become more of a kitchen table meal for the kids and I. Lunch is at the kitchen table 90% of the time, but sometimes we'll eat in the living room. Same goes for dinner. Snacks are almost never served at the table unless they are exceptionally messy.
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Meals are at the table or the breakfast counter.

Snacks are either: at the table, outside, in his movie chair while watching his video, on our lap while we have "snacks and stories", or in the car I don't allow wandering around the house with food and I'm especially strict about not eating in the bedrooms which are the only carpeted area of our home. Anything not eaten at the table I try to make sure its not too messy or crumbly.
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We eat together at the table except on the rare occassions when we have popcorn on the couch during a movie. We don't graze or wander around trailing food to attract ants and food does not go into the bedrooms. I haven't been in a home where this is considered unusual, maybe it is something that has to do with the area you live in.
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