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Echo echo echo....

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Is anyone still here?

How are you doing?

I can't believe it's now been a year since I got my BFP!

We are settled now and it feels like DS has always been here. Loving him more and more everyday! He's just the sunshine in my day!
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I still stop by once in a while, but it's been so quiet I haven't thought to say much. Is the facebook group more active? Maybe I should check over there.
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I'm great! My little man is 3 months old today--can't believe it. He is smiling and grabbing everything and bringing it to his mouth. He's about 14lbs now and too big for 3 month but not quite into 6 month clothing.

I am loving the SAHM gig. I wish I could get more household chores done but surely that will come with time. My little velcro baby doesn't always allow it.

I am still loving breastfeeding and cloth diapering. Though we do use a sposie at night because he won't sleep through diaper changes.

My midwife has my birth story on her website. We got some REALLY good pictures
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still here.

a shame our ddc wasn't one of the more active.

doing good, kaine is 3 months now... laughs a bit, is grabbing for stuff, flips from tummy to back but still no back to tummy rolling. he's getting better at sleeping at nights. he doesn't really cry at all unless he needs something. he's content playing staring/trying to grab at toys or do tummy/back time. so... getting pretty easy on this end... until he gets mobile, then i'll be in trouble!

but once again, really sad our ddc wasn't that active even during pregnancy.

hope everyone is doing good though, and everyone is bonded/bonding, loving each other, and having a good life. s
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Come to the facebook page. It's nice to talk about stuff the babies are doing at the same age!
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I thought our group was very active until all the babies were born I love the FB group it's lots of fun!

Glenn is great he is super content and a big snuggle bug he sleeps in his arms reach half the night then the rest with me he is trying back to belly roll but can't get it but can do belly tp back probably because he can not stand belly time! he is my drool monster and is gabbering a lot he loves watching his big brother and smiles at everyone
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we're doing pretty good here. liam is a sweet little chunk. he's smiley, loves grabbing at stuff (dad learned the hard way when liam grabbed his hair and refused to let go!) and bouncing in the jumparoo. he still gives me a very disdainful look when we do tummy time.

going back to work march 3. everything's all set except he's still refusing the bottle ... we'll see how that goes.

and i love the facebook group too! i think the action's moved over there since this ddc will be closing soon.
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How do you get on the facebook page?
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I do most of my chatting over there, too.

In a week and a half, I get to celebrate looking at this I was so excited and scared when I found out I was expecting (an oops baby ). Three months after the positive test, I got married, quit my job, moved my son and me into a new home with the hubby, and completely changed my life. Sooooo weird. And wonderful. It's been a heck of year.
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I'm here!! Been checking out the FB page but just haven't had a lot of time for posting.
Jude is a sweetie! He's playing with his hands, batting at toys and smiling so much. His daytime sleeping is a bit sporadic but we're dealing. Night time sleep is pretty good although he's such a light sleeper I think we may need to increase the size of our family bed. He goes down early at night which is new for us but nice to have some quiet baby free time (although that is his longest stretch of sleep at 4 hours). He's getting so big 15+ lbs!!

Ds 1 is having a tough time. He's been doing really well but is starting to act out behaviorally again. I know he needs more one on one time with dh or I but it has been tough to give him that during the week. I find I get mama bear instincts in protecting Jude from him......so hard considering ds 1 has always been my "little guy".
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