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I bought this stuff last night for migraines but it says not to use in pregnancy. The only ingredients are isopropyl myristate peppermint and lavender essential oils. I bought it at a natural/organic shop so I thought it was pretty harmless. I know nothing about isopropyl myristate but I assume that is the culprit. If I don't rub it on my skin but just smell it would they still suggest not using it in pregnancy? Anyone have any thoughts on it?
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I think it is the peppermint that is not to be used in pregnancy. I will double check and get back to you.
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I use peppermint oil for headaches all the time. It is safe (as far as I've seen) to use during pregnancy. I looked up the 1st ingredient & it is a fatty acid commonly used in cosmetics. I think this is just a case of the company trying to cover it's butt.
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Ok, so what I found is that Peppermint oil, if ingested in large amounts (which you don't want to do anyways), can cause uterine contactions. I have also read that it can cause uterine contractions if inhaled. The isopropyl myristate, like the PP said, is commonly used in cosmetics. I agree with maciascl, that the company is just making sure to cover their butts because no one really knows for sure what peppermint oil will do. Personally, if those were the only ingredients, I wouldn't worry about using it.
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I've heard that you should try to avoid lavender oil, as it can cause hormonal problems in boys.
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Is it working for your headaches? I have terrible headaches and would love some relief!
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Originally Posted by pacifica View Post
Is it working for your headaches? I have terrible headaches and would love some relief!
narcotics were the only thing that worked but it did make it a little better
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Oops, I've been using my migrastick! Didn't know. I might reconsider now, but also I use Tigerbalm, which seems to have mostly the same effect. My doc agreed Tigerbalm was ok.

Thanks & feel better!
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