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MJB: you and I are getting our ultrasounds around the same time, are you finding out the gender? We will be.... so excited.

Squiggy! I adore dark chocolate, and have had no cravings for it since being preggo. Sigh, I miss it but not really. Baby has been into strawberries lately.

Babycatcher12: definitely use the "we didn't do anything for Valentine's card", especially when the "i'm pregnant" card starts to lose its effect upon DH. My DH wasn't into watching Avatar, but I pulled the Valentine's Day card and we did dinner and movie. It was fun, he enjoyed most of it.... he, he.

At 15 weeks, I think I've been feeling vague, maybe its baby sensations. Hard to say, since its my first. But it just feels different. If anything- its fun to think that it is and its gotta help us bond, Right?

Back to men's short program (figure skating)....
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Hi Taylah..
It sounds soo romantic ...I too gave beautiful red roses and big chocolate for my wife ..she felt happy like you only ...

artificial flowers arrangement
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When I was laying down last night, I felt the little goldfish last night! I have taking to calling the baby our goldfish since that's what it feels like to me right now...until it feels like a pro-soccer player practicing goal kicks in the third trimester anyway.
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Isras, I'm definitely finding out. We're UCers so we did 100% UP last time and didn't find out, but I really, really want to know so we're getting an U/S this time around just to find out. After that I'll be unassisted the rest of the pregnancy.
We did dinner and a movie on Valentine's Day and it was lovely. We hardly ever get a babysitter so it's extra special when we do.
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I love Wednesdays! Just got my email telling me about the baby at 16 weeks. I also have a prenatal appt today so we'll get to hear the heartbeat again. The downside to this Wednesday is my head is killing me, I went to bed with this headache last night and it was still there this morning - argh!
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We had our appointment today and rather than hearing the heartbeat we got to see the baby on ultrasound wiggling and squiggling around! So cool to see the baby when it isn't just a little blob
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Yay for seeing the baby! We still have about 5 wks until the big U/S. I keep trying to lay still and sense baby movements, but I can't say I've felt anything yet. Last time I didn't feel DD until 20wks at the U/S appt.

Today I'll be filing more piles of our important papers and tackling a mountain of little pink clothes in the basement (everyone gave DD clothes for her 2nd b-day!)...while watching the Olympics of course.
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So grateful that the weekend is finally here. Why do short work weeks feel the longest?!

It is supposed to be sunny and gorgeous this weekend, so I think in addition to getting the home office finished I will be out on the back patio enjoying some sun with a book.

I just picked up 3 pregnancy/baby books and have almost plowed through the first one (Big, Beautiful and Pregnant). I read the beginning of the section on labor before bed last night and later dreamed I had a home birth because the baby came so fast, and a little over a month early - but he was fine and my whole family was there. That's two baby dreams this week - the first dream involved having a girl and I was totally unprepared, I had to send my husband out for diaper cream as I changed her first diaper.

Two weeks from today is my U/S! I am so pumped about finding out the sex of the baby. I swear my mother is going crazy waiting, she is documenting cute things she finds at stores so she can go back and get them after she finds out the gender. (I think this baby is one of the only things she has going well in her life - lots of drama with my youngest sister going on, my other sister having trouble at school - and both of them and my brother living with them!)

I'm wearing a new maternity top today, it is adorable! I still only have one pair of maternity pants that I've found that fit at all. But have another pair on the way from JC Penney, and a pair that needs to be returned to their catalog dept. this weekend. I've really popped, I'm getting lots of comments and even a few belly touches at work already (these haven't really bugged me, oddly enough, I'm all excited about the belly somehow and it tickles me when someone else is too). I have a feeling I'm going to end up being really huge! (yet I'm still down 4lbs for the pregnancy so far)
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Originally Posted by Taylah View Post
- the first dream involved having a girl and I was totally unprepared, I had to send my husband out for diaper cream as I changed her first diaper.
This is how my baby dreams always are. I'm totally unprepared for the birth or I already have the baby and I realize I haven't fed it for hours. You'd think I've never done this before.

I have my anatomy scan scheduled for 3 weeks from now. I can't wait to find out if we're having a he or a she.

I've been feeling strong movement for the last week, but this morning I got the biggest nudge yet. I'll bet we could've seen it from the outside. DD was sitting in my lap, and it's like the baby was kicking her. Oh, sibling rivalry -- it starts early.
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I also have had some weird pregnancy dreams!

Every dream I have had about the baby, it's a boy. Don't know if that means I am having a boy, secretly really want a boy or nothing at all...thoughts?

One dream was my ultrasound and showed I was having TWINS. However the ultrasound tech was Sarah Palin

At least two dreams involved us totally forgetting about the baby, from neglecting to feed it to forgetting we had it all together! These ones scare me (though I know it won't happen in real life, the feeling just sucks)

All other dreams are just always ridiculously vivid and increasingly wierd and random. We will see at my 20 week u/s of these dreams meant anything about gender or multiples.
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Whoo Hoo!! First day since mid November that I feel good and seem to have lots of energy. Welcome in second trimester..without the flu!!! Yeah! Finally! Clean house here I come!!! I have had the sinus flu for about a week. Still recovering a little...but if I feel this way the whole time it will be great! Oh to feel good again. I got my steamer out and started sanitizing everything. My floors and kitchen look great!

I get my ultrasound on Wednesday, March 3rd. We TTC'd for a girl...shettles method. Hoping for a girl..expecting a boy. I am also a uc'er. We are paying for one of those cool 3D-4D sessions. I have a girl and 3 boys we are getting the ultrasound because my daughter wants a sister so bad...go figure she is 13. Her opinion is that she still gets to spoil her and do girly things. We figure it gives her time to warm up to the baby if it is a boy.
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I had my first prenatal today! I've already heard the heartbeat on my own doppler but it was nice to reach this milestone...just one more thing that makes it seem more real. Everything looks good. I'll get my ultrasound appt at my next prenatal, so it will end up being around 20 weeks I think. God help my impatience. LOL

I too eat crappier during pregnancy....I've been craving doughnuts (though sometimes I splurge and buy the healthier ones from the natural foods co-op) and candy (including chocolate of course). I also eat way too much fast food because when I'm out I always need something to eat. When farmer's market starts back up again this summer and they have the Amish people there with their pies and and cookies....watch out! LOL
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All you people with your food cravings make me jealous. I haven't felt hungry for months, and nothing ever looks good. I'm hoping that fades soon.

As for being unprepared for baby -- well, we actually were in that I hadn't thought to buy any baby wipes. Thank goodness my mom came to see the baby the next day and asked if she could buy anything. The meconium was making a mess of my washcloths!

I love the Olympics too, and I'm glad of the distraction. For a variety of reasons we arn't getting our U/S until the end of March, so that is a long time to wait. But I've popped for sure and people have started to notice. So I guess it's all finally starting to feel real. Next step -- picking a name.
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