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It's a Decluttering Party!!!

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Come out and play!

In honor of the lovely Miss Tracy Trabot's post in the treasure map thread.

She reminds us that the end of pisces is the end of the astrolgogical cycle and a great time to "purge". Tis why the urge to "spring clean" comes around now.

That said let's have another decluttering thread!!!

I got rid of a few bags of stuff last week, an old and non-baby friendly glass table. I have two bags of toys,baby stuff to go (waiting on hearing from cat_astrophe 'bout that).

I also posted this here to send off some of my stuff free for shipping.

I love decluttering. File cabinets tomorrow!!!
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Yee-Haw...I have been super busy spring cleaning. I finally got rid of the most comfy recliner in the world, I have had it far too long. 5 or 6 bags of dd's clothes, toys and outgrown books to a mama in need...Now my bedroom is next...if i could only find the floor:
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We're moving this week, so I have been getting rid of any and everfything I can. I've been making weekly run to donate for the last month or so. Tonight I packed up my packrat son's room. I had a whole large yard size garbage bag full of just trash It feels so good!
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bad paper work bad bad bad!!!

1 big bag of shredded paperwork out the door.

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Went through my jewlery and got rid of a few necklaces. I have been pretty good about decluttering, so I don't have lots of stuff any more. I am getting a fairly good sized "give away" pile in the garage though.

I pulled out my "Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui" audiobook and got inspired.

Gonna go take some photos for stuff I'm ebaying.

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What a good idea. I have been steadily clearing out some clothes...books...toys and odds and ends.

Want to hear the most absurd thing I found in a drawer I was cleaning? I found a round red container holding buttons, still in plastic, from long ago sweaters...the red container looked familiar. It was my old RETAINER case.
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Mom4Tot you have me LOL!! Can you believe the things we keep! We're moving this year so I'm definately read to clean out stuff.
I'll start tomorrow with my desk. I know there's years of paperwork in there that I absolutely don't need. It's embarassing!
Seems like there's a lot of emphasis out there on cleaning out and simplifying. I love it!
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I have a bag of games waitining to go

and the boys are still decluttering their toyboxes
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It's like a weight you didn't know was there was lifted, so nice and light and approprate to the spring season.

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We got rid of the last of the baby toys this weekend! I decluttered my books once, need another going through.
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I love this! I'm already clearing things out and I love it! I've decided to get rid of 3 trash bag full of junk this week and a box for goodwill. With all the stuff around here, that will be EASY!:LOL
Good luck all!
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can i join? i am feeling overwhelmed, but inspired. i really, really need to do this.
not sure where to start though.
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My recommendation is to start with a single area. Perhaps even a single drawer. Clean it out, declutter it and organize it. Just a single thing like that can make you motivated enough to do more! Good luck - it really is a great thing to do!

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i just filled up one bag of trash and another bag of giveaways in our bedroom. it still doesn't look perfect but so much better. i've got to go out today till this evening, and then i'm going to sort through our clothes. tomorrow i plan to do more sorting through clothes and work on the kids' bedrooms. i'm not sure when i'll have a chance to get to the bathroom, living room and kitchens--not lots of clutter in these places, but they need to be cleaned!
i'm on my way though!
i've also been reading the feng shui thread, and it's providing me with lots of inspiration too.
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I have been cleaning out closets and getting rid of old clothes, clothes I hate, clothes I don't wear...
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I'm bringing about 15 magazines to the library tomorrow for their free bin and DH and I started cleaning out the garage. I can't believe how many cheap planters were hanging around out there!
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This is the thread for me!

Last week I went through all of the toys. Two giant rubbermaid containers full of them went to a LLL yardsale, one giant trashbag went into the dumpster, the rest have been organized and put in the right places...not that they'll stay there.:LOL

Next I hit the clothes. All of the clothes my littlest has outgrown were sorted into keep and donate piles. Winter clothes have been put away, sorted by size to find them easily next winter, and spring/summer clothes have been put into the dressers.

I even went through my clothes and put together a bag full to donate.

Vacuumed two mattresses today and will do two more tomorrow. Went through my office paperwork, made some new files for the file cabinet and threw away lots of papers. Then pulled out all of my craft stuffed and reorganized it.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get by a store that has drawer organizers because my bathroom doors are in desperate need of organizing!

I feel SO much better with what I managed to get done, but now I want to do every single drawer and cabinet in the house! If I could manage to ship my family off for a week maybe I could get it all done.
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You are ON FIRE! You're so inspiring to me! I can't believe how much you've accomplished! That's great!!

I declutter what I'd set out to declutter this week-3trash bags and 1 box out of the house! Hurray!

Next week I'm going to take on 3-4boxes in our basement. That stuff has been down there almost a year since we moved in! Isn't that silly! I'd hate to move all that stuff yet again!

Good luck to everyone else on the decluttering bandwagon!

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Hopefully tomorrow I can get by a store that has drawer organizers because my bathroom doors are in desperate need of organizing!

You know things are in desperate need of organizing when your DOORS needs organizers:LOL :

We are going to be cleaning and hopefully tossing a bit today, we moving in 15 days
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