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Originally posted by momto l&a
You know things are in desperate need of organizing when your DOORS needs organizers:LOL :


Actually, my doors in my bathroom and my laundry room DO need organizing...now that IS bad! Too much stuff hanging off of door handles and those little stick on hooks that never stay up for long. Plus my homemade shoe organizer hanging in the laundry room keeps falling apart...grrr.

Note to self: Do not go shopping for organizer/cleaner stuff when in spring cleaning mode!

I spent WAY too much money on organizers for closets, drawers, the hallway and the laundry room. But darned if I'm not going to feel SO good when I get it all done. Even bought a magazine rack and some candles for the guest bedroom for MIL's visit in a couple of weeks.

Chrissy, if you had seen what I had started from you wouldn't be nearly so impressed. Actually, I've been needing to get my physical environment straightened up for awhile. The other "adult" : in my house is a total slob and does literally nothing to help out in the house. My wobbly marriage along with my cluttered house really had me spiralling toward depression again. I feel SO much better when my house is not cluttered. I can walk into a clean room now and immediately fell so much better. I'm like those Febreeze commercials where the people keep coming in and out of a room just to experience the clean smell over and over again!:LOL
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I have bags and bags waiting to be taken to goodwill sitting in my hall for the last 4 weeks... someone give me a push, so I can get these bags out of here!
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I've got several bags sitting by my door for donation:LOL

You pick a day this week to drop them off, and I'll get out there and drop mine off too. So, you'll be helping both of us by actually getting out there!!


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I think this thread will do me some good. For the last two weeks I've been de-cluttering off and on. It's a bit challenging though...my 14 month old loves to "help". I've really been trying to organize our walk-in closet...it seems to be one of the main places we stash stuff we don't want to deal with to organize "later". You know, company is coming over and we need to get stuff out of the way...put it in the closet. :LOL

Jakob keeps undoing what I do as I do it...I file some stuff...and he finds my "to file" pile and spreads it all over the closet. Yesterday morning he woke up before I did and got into the closet and dumped some of my files out. I need to fix the closet door so I can close it (I'll have to move my fold up ironing board to a different door).

Well, ds is asleep now. Maybe I should attempt the closet while I can. It will feel great to just get the closet done today. Then I can move on the the various piles of paper strewn on various surfaces and in baskets around the house.
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Boy, Worldshakerz, can I relate! My youngest loves to "help" too, which usually results in my giving up my organizing attempts in a huff. I had the exact same thing happen with the file organizing last week. Anna decided that my "to file" pile needed to be resorted and moved to various locations.

And my closet ends up the "catch all" room too. Right now the new vacuum attachments and the containers of things to go in the attic are in there. I have to climb over all sorts of things to get to my clothes!

I did manage to get stuff dropped off at Goodwill this morning...there was a drop box right beside the natural foods store..what luck!

And I did some work on the girls' closet last night (my attempt at making insomnia productive time :LOL ).

What's everyone else gotten done during the last few days? What are your decluttering/cleaning goals for the week?
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I made it to the truck with the bags! But I have yet to make it to Goodwill!
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YOu're making progress!
I'm dropping my boxes off tomorrow.
I have guest coming into town this weekend
so I thought I'd better clean up the place.
When are you dropping off your stuff????
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Maybe today!

Send me lots of 'Take the stuff to Goodwill vibes!"

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I didn't want to drop myself off today.
I'm so busy with people coming in.
But, I thought about y'all and
I dropped off 2 boxes and a bag at goodwill this morning.

I'm sending you lots of goodwill energy

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I did it!!!! I dropped off 6 bags of old clothes to the goodwill!

Yay for me!!!

That's so good Chrissy, congrats! We did it!
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Today I tossed out all the old condiments in the fridge that we never eat and are close to being science projects... and lots of gunky stuff to clean up in there ...yuck.
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Good for you Cranberry!

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Well, now I can finally join the party, as I have some good news to report. It's heavy trash weekend in our neighborhood, and I had been gathering things together in the garage, but today I GOT 90% TO THE STREET! Had to nag DH a bit about the big clunky couch we are getting rid of (it is SO totally not savable--believe me, I thought of every place I could, but no one would want it...), but once he did that, I was able to do the rest. I have just a little more to do in the garage that I can probably do tomorrow...

Next project is tackling my basement, which has what I call the "island of misfit appliances." Whenever something breaks, my DH sticks it down there. I told my Chinese SIL about this and she almost had a fit, telling me that our feng shui was all off, since our foundation was full of broken things!

Hopefully more to come.

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Yay Mia!

Well that makes my efforts seem pitiful, but I cleaned out the bathroom cupboards and spot-cleaned the living room carpet today - for me, that's huge :LOL
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got rid of 5-6 big trash bags, and some other things, to give away. her room looks so different, but it still needs more work. and now the bags are in my living room, so it now needs more work too.
when will it end...?
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mherle: I don't think your efforts sound pitiful--more along the lines of every little bit helps.

mamaley: I agree--where will it end?? Between the endless collection of toys and art projects, it just seems to grow and grow.

Maybe someone has some advice for me--the next project I need to tackle is getting rid of the baby clothes...this is an emotional issue for me, because it sort of subtly suggests that I won't have any more children, which is an issue that DH and I go over and over about. It's the old "head vs. heart" issue--intellectually we both feel that our family is complete with our two, that we want to be able to support the kids we have (emotionally as well as financially), but in our hearts, neither one of us can just say "that's it, we are stopping at two." So every time I get strong enough to start sorting through the baby things, DH usually has something to say about it, which doesn't make it any easier for me! But meanwhile, we are being absolutely overrun with baby things that could be doing some other baby a world of good! So, I'm stuck...Does anyone have any suggestions on how to put myself in a different "space" on this issue?

It's weird how attached we get emotionally to "things," and how they relate to other issues...maybe this belongs in another thread. If so, sorry for the "hijack."

Have a good day!

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We just yesterday unloaded our stoarage unit into a 17 foot u-haul truck and then dumped all that into the living room of our new house. I now have to go throu gh of that stuff and declutter before removing it to storage once again.

When we move all the stuff from the trailer we live in into the house I will also get rid of ctuff I dont love or can live without.

Moving IMO is so hard but a good time to declutter.
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singermom, that's one of my next big projects too, going through dd's baby clothes. she has so many, and it's going to be a big task to sort them all. i know just what you mean about your head telling you you want 2, but your heart saying your not done yet. mine is only 6 months, and i'm already kind of like that
so i've been working all weekend on this stuff, and the clutter room has way less clutter, although if a guest who had never seen it before peeked inside, they probably wouldn't be too impressed. now it kind of looks like a slightly messy room. but hey, that's a huge improvement.
i also went through my son's room last night, and it's looking a lot better.
but i swear, one room (ok, 2) is always messy. the mess just rotates.
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Windy-Congrats on getting your stuff out of your house!! That's wonderful! I've started a new bag for stuff to get rid of. It's only got 3 things in there now but it's a start.
Cranberry- Hurray for cleaning your fridge! You inspired me to tackle my freezer. I dumped an entire trashbag full of stuff I know we'll never eat.
I've still got to work on my basement. It's such a pit down there but I'll work on it this week.
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