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Life With A Babe
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update on Gilla's dd from FB

Leora is out of surgery and currently in Neuro ICU for recovery, where she'll remain till the doctor's are satisfied with her stability and progress. Once she recovers from the immediate surgery and the anaesthetic they'll be able to assess the success of the procedure. I'll post news as I hear from Gilla. Please pray ...for a full and speedy recovery for Leora Perel bat Gilla Shulamit.
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Originally Posted by Faliciagayle View Post
how are you feeling, smeis??
Pretty good, thanks!

I'm 30 weeks today and wondering where the time went. Today was also my first lactose-free day and I already feel great. I had one wicked reflux bout, but only ONE so far, and it's dinnertime!
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nak. awesome! B"H!!
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I will go to a reading with the kids. Costumes are still in the air. The kids will be at their dad's (I am divorced) mostly while I work the weekend. My boyfriend and most our friends are from Israel, and don't do haloween. I don't either- not for religious reasons, I just don't like it.

Last year, we were all drunk and I sooooooo wanted to go trick or treating in our costumes on purim. We ended up not doing it. (I thought it would be fun since hey they come to our doors, right?)

This year, I am saying, hey what if we were bringing mishloach manot, that would totally be fun, right? Well, at least not offensive, right?

I always have big plans, ask me in a couple weeks, my story will be I slept all weekend between shifts. (I am an ICU nurse and work long tiring hours)

I was going to meet my boyfriend's parents in December but his sister got sick, now they might fly in our fly us to Israel for pesach. I am soooooo nervous.

P.S. SME? The King and OY, I am LMAO!!!!!

And TY flminivanmama, will daven <3
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another Leora update via FB
Spoke to Gilla earlier. Leora is awake, stable & grumpy about staying in the ICU where friends can't visit (grumpy = good sign)... On the whole, all seems ok and the surgery appears to have been a success. As expected, they didn't remove the whole tumor because of its location. A non-invasive procedure will take care...... of this in a few months. Prayers for a full and speedy recovery for Leora Perel bat Gilla Shulamit
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Originally Posted by DarkPassenger View Post
P.S. SME? The King and OY, I am LMAO!!!!!
Yeah, we have this brilliantly demented guy who re-writes a musical every year. Some of the highlights:

"The Sound of Purim"
"Bye Bye Haman"
"The Music Ha-Man"
"Goys and Dolls"

I think next year is going to be "Okla-Haman" but I'm not sure. Some of us are pulling for "Schmaltz" (Grease).

It's gotten bigger and better every year, with tech and everything. We're even dressing our rabbi in a toga this year, which is AWESOME.
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I'm more of a lurker around here, but I have a question... My 5 yr old son is VERY sensitive. His preschool has been talking about Purim in a very mild way and tonight I mentioned about Passover and the Jews leaving Egypt "Because Pharoh wasn't very nice and made them work too hard" and that when G-d helped make them free, the Jews had to leave quickly to go into the desert and walk to Israel, their new home. Well, the lip starts quivering and the tears start welling up and he asks if they were lost, lonely, if they could bring their toys, did they have to walk at night, were they hungry, did the kids have to walk too... I assured them that they were happy to leave and walk and they really wanted to go to Israel and G-d kept them safe and gave them food to eat and the parents helped the kids and though they couldn't bring everything, they did bring what was important to them (like a special toy) and that this whole thing took place a very long time ago. He was still crying, though I think he was pushing himself through it and we were able to move on.

As you can see, I didn't talk anything about more disturbing things that get mentioned at the seder. Just the idea of having to leave home and go into the desert (even to get somewhere great and under the protection and care of G-d) was too much.

Do you think I should skip the seder? How am I going to manage censoring all this? I don't even want to think about the death of the firstborn or the sea crashing in on the Egyptians. I'm gonna have to clap my hands over his ears the whole night. Really, these (and probably other things like slavery, etc.) will be too much for him.

Ack. I'm thinking maybe I just shouldn't go . But if I don't go, I'd still like to do something...

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Hi everyone.

I've been reading even if I haven't been posting.

I'm shocked purim is almost here, it's next week. I have no clue about costumes, they may wear decorated t-shirts/costumes (over shabbos clothes). I hope that's not terrible to allow.

For the seuda we're going to friends (who are having over other friends too). It should be a nice size crowd and lots of little people for my little people to play with. It's the first time we're not going to a certain Rabbis house. It's a bit strange to think about a different seuda.

Shaloch manos? Not sure? Perhaps brownies and something else...oy
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It sounds like purim isn't really going to happen much here. I just realized that a month ago, I agreed to volunteer cook saturday afternoon/evening for a benefit, on next saturday evening. (I hadn't quite realized the dates overlapped until my shul sent out purim info with dates not days this morning). and I have to work on sunday.

I can definitely make some food for others, and maybe wear a costume of some sort to work, but I know DP is going to be REALLY disappointed. He was big time looking forward to us celebrating purim. (I beleive it had to do with the concept of religiously sanctioned consumption of alcohol lol) I'm not really even going to be spending any of it with him, between the dinner, and then work the next day. any ideas to incorporate a little purim? I'm not going to be able to make it to the megillah reading either the night or the day, this year, and the shul seudah is earlier (well, I presume every seudah will be while I'm cooking).

how about bringing in food for everyone at work to eat at tea time? it's not quite mishaloach manos, but I'm not quite sure how I'd do that otherwise. (or who I'd take it to. I guess I'll bring some to W and D, but other than that, I'm not sure. if I can't bring it on purim, is it better to take it before or after?)
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Hey everyone,

I'm searching for a hamantaschen recipe which turns out with softy chewy dough rather than crunchy. It's okay if it's a dairy recipe.

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TBH, I don't remember how my dough is anymore...LOL It's enough that it comes out okay as gluten dough and as gluten free dough.
Purim here is up in the air, so to speak, as 3 kids are currently down with some nasty virus. I did get costumes today from a gemach for the twins, Nachman is making his own (ask me about the arrows flying all over my house), Rashi is wearing what he wore last year, Akiva will wear his gi when we deliver - but not during shul. I was thinking of doing vegetable trays for shalach manos, but maybe that's too much prep motzei shabbos...unless the guys at dh's work want to help (caterer). I will have veggies, a few hamantaschen that I make, and a couple of chocolates from the caterer. As it is, we've really got to figure out megillah - dh is supposed to be at one shul (he oversees their kitchen ensuring kashrus) while I won't go there (they smoke inside - blech) and will take the kids to my shul. Dh is going to try to go with us.

In other news, Akiva is going Monday for an interview with the yeshiva on Tuesday. Please daven that they accept Akiva Daniel ben Rivka Leah.

Glad to hear that Leora seems to be doing well. B"H. may she have a complete recovery!
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My daughters are currently at their girls' youth group meeting where they're having a Purim celebration. They're supposed to do Jewish learning, but in reality they learn a little and do a lot of hanging out. It's good for them- any positive Jewish influence is good! DD1 is wearing a nightgown and has her hair in pigtails for a "toddler" look. DD2 is wearing a "princess" outfit- a flowy long skirt and flowy top, with a "crown" she crocheted herself out of gold yarn. DD2's friend A is going as their mutual friend S (who has a very boisterous sense of style), and S and D are going as "swine flu"- dressed in pink, with snouts, pink healthcare worker type outfits (complete with surgical masks) and with signs on their backs: on reading "swine" and the other reading "flu."

I don't yet know what costumes any of the 5 plan to wear for Purim, or if any of their friends will be at our shul for Purim (D goes to our shul when it's her weekend with Mom, but not when it's her weekend with Dad, and the other two are too far to walk, but I just might find myself driving them there for Purim.) DS wants to go as "Gary the Gadget Guy" from Club Penguin and I'm planning to go as a puffle from club penguin (puffles are pom-pom shaped animals that the penguins keep as pets. It's a very cute site!) I have a blue crocheted hat that I plan to "rug hook" into to make puffle-like, and then I'll have to crochet and sew on eyes (or get lazy and make them with paper and glue or tape it on.) I still need to actually assemble our costumes- convert my old lab jacket into a lab coat for DS and figure out how to make the penguin head, probably with a hooded sweatshirt.

DD1 made the hamentashen dough this year, with butter, rice flour, and arrowroot. We actually bought apricot jam from the Passover aisle since it was the cheapest place to get corn-free jam! I've been a lot healthier lately (and more active and spending way less time online) since getting my personalized nutrition workup and following it- and part of that means no corn or potato, as well as no gluten and very limited dairy and sugar. I had about 1/4 of an apricot hamentashen and 1/4 of a chocolate chip one, and that's all I plan to eat until Purim itself. We made them today so they could pack them for shlach manot for the youth group.

I'm just online for another half hour or so until I need to pick the girls up. I haven't been online much lately because I found that I dont' self-regulate well; I get online and then tend to ignore my family. Not good. So I won't be online so much in the future. I probably won't post again until after Purim.

Whoever's fasting this year, I wish you an easy fast.
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I hope everyone had a good purim. I hope leora continues to recover.

I enjoyed baking treats for a few friends and brought some into work, and I loved volunteering at the benefit in the kitchen Saturday, it was a long day (10 hours on my feet), but it was so much fun. I got to help make the pizzas for the woodburning oven, did lots of veg prep, and managed to feel completely incompetent washing lettuce (which will actually be a great help at my job, since the apprentices often are frustrated by feeling incompetent at things they know they can do when they start, so having had similar expeirience lately, and being reminded what it feels like, will help me be a better manager.) Plus, we got to eat some of the leftovers which was so good. some of thebest pizza I've ever had. and everything else was great too.

Sunday night, I discovered I am very allergic to NSAIDs. I had taken less advil than I usually take over the course of a day for my horrible menstrual cramps, and all of a sudden had shooting GI tract pain. then after about half an hour or an hour it started to fade. I was taking a first bite of dinner, when I felt like a salmon bone got lodged in my soft palate. After trying to get it out, (unsuccessfully, since there was nothing there), it felt normal again, but my tongue started to feel like it was swelling up, and painful, but also the sort of numb movements you get as novocaine wears off. However, neither DP nor my dad saw anything swollen. I was having trouble swallowing, and while I could breath, it felt restricted. I was so scared, and thought I was dying. It slowly went down, thought my tongue felt weird for several hours. After calling my doctor, he said it was a not that common, but documented reaction to ibuprofin, and I should not take ibuprofin for a while. After he talked to an allergist, the answer is, I cannot take ibuprofin, aspirin, naproxen, or any other NSAID ever. Except I could possibly try celebrex, but it would have to be in the allergist's office, with adrenalin at hand. YIKES!!!

Now, of course, I'm freaking out, because without my standard 3 advil every 4 hours starting before the cramps start and not letting them start (keeping up the advil) for the first 3 days of my period, I CANNOT function because of the cramps. I can't really even get off the floor usually. And if I let the cramps start, that first day, it may take 4 hours for the first dose of advil to kick in. I'm on day four, so the cramps are painful, but tolerable, but I'm REALLY freaking out about next month. I can't miss work for two days every month. I'm going to try to see an ND about this, and see if maybe a month-round herbal regimen might help reduce the cramps but I'm quite freaking out about the future cramps.

If you guys have any suggustions (other than NSAIDs, which include advil, motrin, aspirin, aleve, excedrin, and naproxen, plus a ton of other meds that wouldn't be common for cramps but are used for other purposes) for the cramps now or next month, that would be wonderful. I'm asking everyone I know. Someone suggusted a little caffine yesterday, which helped make them tolerable, and helped greatly with the fuzzy-headedness, but 1 cup of tea at 2 pm, and I was up til 3 am because I don't drink caffine ever. the most caffine I normally have is a few bites of chocolate every couple months. I'm going to get some hot pads, and see if they help (I want one of those quantum heat packs, they're chemical packs where you press a button and they get and stay hot, but they're reusable, you just boil them for a little bit and they're ready to go again.) thanks.
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Magelet, sorry to hear about the allergy! You might want to try some crampbark tea. I know I took it for afterpains after DS was born and it was magic.
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I'll definitely give it a try again. It does help to an extent, however it's so hard to prepare and use, in terms of when I'm having cramps, and it not last long (the tea). Thank you sme
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Why does the dr. think it was due to the ibuprofen? It sounds to me like it was due, potentially, to the fish. You can react to a food at any time. It just sounds to me like with tongue swelling and stomach pain that it could really be due to the fish. I understand that stomach pain can come from motrin, but why did he rule out the fish?
I have no suggestions for cramp management - that's where I'm still mainstream and taking 800mg at a shot for it.
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I know that my mom took vitamin B6 and vitamin E every day and when she got her period, she'd up the dosage of Vitamin E for the cramps (the B6 was for the mood swings).

You might want to look into that too.
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calcium & magnesium help too - and epsom salt baths
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