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kissaluvs washing questions

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I'm new on this forum.
My very clean girlfriend sent me her Kissaluvs.
They were worn for 18 months by her lo and are practically stain free.
Did I say are? I meant were.
I soak them in a full washer and (gasp) spray with Oxyclean too to no avail.
How exactly am I supposed to keep these puppies clean and stain free?

Thanks in advance!
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Letting them sun should help get the current stains out. Also, what is your wash routine? You should be starting with a cold rinse to keep stains from setting. Also, when they get poopy, rinse them off and then keep them wet in your diaper pail (not that the diaper pail has to be filled with water, just that you don't wring your dipes out after you rinse them). This will also help stains from setting.
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not sure, my kissaluvs have no stains.. hmm... but yeah you should run a cold rinse first. also I launder my dipes every other day so nothing sits on there too long. usually just rinse them as soon as he poops. i've never sunned them before but lots of mamas say it works.
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