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Star pool vs. the "fishy" pool from Intex?

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Anyone have feedback on the Star pool? I can get it shipped from Amazon for under $40. I would prefer the fishy pool, but am having trouble locating it this early in the season. Target has kiddie pools in stock here in NC but it wasn't there (yet?). I can find the hexagonal fishy pool, but that has a larger capacity (holds more gallons) and I worry about the extra time to fill and effort to keep it hot. I'm due in a few weeks (recently switched into a homebirth practice from a birth center w/ midwives), and have had two relatively quick births with my other two kids (6 hours with son, 3 hours with my daughter). I labored a bit in the tub with my son, and didn't want/need the water with my daughter's birth. However, I'd like to have the option available in case this labor is long, intense, has back labor, etc. kwim? But I don't want to shell out the money for a $100+ or more option.

The star pool is easier for me to find with shipping right now. I am having a tough time finding the round "fishy" pool in stock anywhere.

Anyone use the star pool that can offer feedback? There's a very good chance I'll just have this one out of the tub since that is what worked for me the previous two times, but I want to have an inexpensive water option available just in case The star pool as listed has 1inch less depth, but I'm short (5'2") so I'm not *super* worried about that. In my ideal world I'd have a La Bassine or AquaDoula or similar, but I'm not willing to shell out the money since I'm not sure I'll want to use it.
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I'm also in NC - I've had luck previously with grocery stores, specifically our local Krogers occasionally has them. May be too early yet but that might be another place to try as well as toys r us. We use a boating world store in Raleigh to gather water birth supplies as well.
I thought I'd do a search and came up one link that wasn't yet sold out of the fishy pool online:


I haven't used the star or hexagon pool as it would be too large for our area. So only experience with the 'fishy pool' and I like to have it inflated about a week or two before I'm due and stand it on its side in the room. Then it is easy to get ready. My labors have all been under 6 hours and have had plenty of time - usually within the first hour the pool is ready.

Hope that helps and you find a good pool!
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I used that same fishy pool for my son, and it was perfect! I had plenty of room, and I loved that my belly was completely submerged in the water. It really helped.

Oh, and I should mention it was big enough for my 6 ft 3 280 lb DH to get in with me and catch the baby.

It was also really sturdy for me to lean over the edge and be on my knees, which is how I spent all my time laboring in the pool.

Highly, highly recommend this pool!!
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Thanks for the feedback. It is tough finding anything on the star pool, but I went with that because I could get it here quickly via Amazon. Crossing my fingers it works out. DH is home from work today so we're hoping to do a trial run

I appreciate the help!

JLSE-I tried TRU and Target in our area of the Triangle. Both had *some* inflatable intex pools out already, but I can't find the fishy pool anywhere locally (yet). Hopefully the star pool will work out okay.
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This is the exact question I was looking for the answer to.

I'll keep searching for a few more days but it looks like I'll be going with the star shaped pool. I hope its a good choice.
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I hope you can find the fishy pool locally, we really loved it last time around. It is also available online here: yourwaterbirth.com

ETA: Whoops, missed your update. I bet the star pool will be just fine.
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we ordered the pool from splashinmypool website but after waiting for 3 weeks we called them and their number was disconnected and the email bounced back so I don't think they are in business anymore. For some reason I still received a confirmation but so far they haven't completed the order according to paypal.
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