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Presence in the house

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Hi! Two nights ago, I had an experience that has me wondering- Did the door knob turn due to a presence in my house? I didn't get the feeling that there was a negative presence, so I am hoping it is kind and just passing through. Any insight would be helpful!
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Hello Aeress,
Yes there was a presence in your house. Actually they are there occasionally because it is someone you know. They are definitely wanting your attention. Not for any negative or scary reason. It is someone that has passed that you know and they are letting you know they are there.
The feeling I'm getting is that it is women figure. Motherly energy. She is particularly connected to your middle daughter for some reason. She watches over her. They have a bond so to speak.
I'm getting the letter L in the name. As in the first name starts with L, I'm hearing sounds like Lucy or something to that affect.
This entity loves you and your family. Means no harm. It is only a loved one that has passed over.

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