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Help a mama find an ob in sect

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I'm a homebirthing mama and I need to help a friend find a better ob. She has a medical need for one. I have not heard of or seen a glimmer of any obs who are really supportive of natural birth in this area...putting aside the bait and switch I've seen happen. I hope that I am just overly sheltered and biased. I would really, really like my friend to have nurturing prenatal care and a positive birth experience. She is very smart and a wise consumer, but she shouldn't have to fight through her whole pregnancy, kwim?

I'll be so grateful for any help!
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Where is your friend located? On the South Shore, I'd stay away from Jordan and their ob's - Pilgrim Shores. They are notorious for the bait and switch, they did it to me. If she's not too far from Tobey Hospital (in Wareham) then she should go there to Louise. I have never birthed with her but have friends who have and there is a cult following this woman lol. She also has backup ob's who I've been told are great.
Best of luck to your friend!
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I'm sorry, I thought I said SECT (Southeastern Connecticut)
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Ask your homebirth midwives, they should have a good idea about who the best ob's are in your area.

Good luck to your friend!
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Originally Posted by wwisdomskr View Post
I'm sorry, I thought I said SECT (Southeastern Connecticut)
LOL I didn't answer because I thought you meant within her particular religion, and I didn't really want to touch that one. I've never heard that term.
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I thought sect was short for "secret!" Like, she needs an OB in secret!

I'm in WMA, no help here, sorry!
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Is a CNM at a birthcenter a possibility for her? The center in Danbury is great.
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lol sorry, I read the post quickly and missed where you're located. Can't help but hope you find someone!
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Hi Jessica- I really don't know of any in our area. I only know names to avoid..
I'll keep an ear out for you, though.
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Originally Posted by ollineeba View Post
Hi Jessica- I really don't know of any in our area. I only know names to avoid..
I'll keep an ear out for you, though.
That's exactly where I'm at!
Thank you!
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I don't know if he is already on your list of obs to avoid, but I've heard that Dr. Levine is good. I use Dr. Simpson in New London - I like him because, with me anyway, he has been very hands-off as far as an unnecessary interventions. For example, when I was in labor another ob who examined me said I would need a c-section - Dr. Simpson came and said, "No way - you'll do just fine... Women have been doing this for years!" He's very laid back and easy to talk to. Of course, my friend's sister hates him, because she was asking for a c-section for convenience and he wouldn't do it.
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I saw Dr. Watson when I had my little one. He was very good with me... helping me deal with genetic testing and other medical concerns. Didn't bat an eye with my birth plan. I adored his midwife at the time too.

I haven't been back since then since my GP handles my needs these days, but if I had need of an GYN, he'd be who I'd go back to.

From what I hear, he has one of the lowest C-Section rates in the area.
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