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dh job prospects

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I had a reading with you in early Jan and we discussed my husbands job loss and when and what the new job would be. He had an interview about 2 weeks ago and now applying for other positions as well. I was wondering if you were seeing anything from this recent activity. Also wondering if you see him traveling.

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Hi Modmom,
Good to hear from you. I need to remind you that for the purpose of this forum I am only able to accept one question at a time.

The energy surrounding the recent interview does not feel promising to me. It feels like it has very stagnant energy around it. Mostly on your husbands part. The sense I get is that (of course) he wants a job again, but at the same time he really doesn't want to just accept anything. So I'm not sure his heart and soul is into that job.

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Thanks Jamie. I believe you are on target.
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