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A little confused by yellow children booklets (Kinderartz)

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When you have a child here in Germany, the hospital or birthing center or whatever you go to, gives you a little yellow booklet that you need to take with you to the paediatrician (Kinderartz/in). I don't know if children who move TO Germany get these folders or not, but I'd imagine so (although, I wonder how that's handled, since they'd have technically missed a bunch of checkups depending on their age). I totally forget the name and don't have them handy right now (have to keep them put away, or else the children think they're cool).

I'm confused, because one of my booklets, for my daughter, has specific dates on them, for each checkup on the front, but my son's does not. That's what's now confusing me.

I'm still quite frustrated with last year... and stressed about the next checkup because of that.

Last year, we were late for my daughter's U7 and, let me tell you, DON'T be late, because the paediatrician has to inform the child services (Jugendamt) - which was supposedly a new rule. We were only about a week late or something like that, but they wouldn't even DO the checkup because we were late. I was pretty upset about this, because no one ever informed me how these timeframes worked and what the consequences would be, and I am not German and never had any experience with this.

At the time, I did not speak much German (only very, very little), so if there is any information about this sort of thing in the booklets (I got them in German.. if there are English versions of the booklets, I'm going to be ticked), I wouldn't have been able to understand it, anyway.

Nowadays, that's different and I speak much more, but the booklets still throw me for a loop.

Is there any general English information on these sort of things? My children and their health are very important to me and I don't want to do something wrong again out of ignorance (particularly since there are no dates on my son's - all I know is the U7 has to be before the 3rd birthday, but I don't know how much sooner) - I've still got a few months, though, but I want to be ahead of things, this time.

Thank you! / Danke im Voraus!
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We got into "trouble" for missing an appointment as well. We were in Italy and they tracked us down and we had to take ds to a doctor in Italy and then send proof.

Personally, I would just call or go to your ped's office and ask them to give you specific dates (or at least " between June and August 2010", for example.) Or if your ds is almost three then they will probably go ahead and make the appointment.
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Oh, okay, thanks (that's pretty much what I was concluding: That I just have to call). I feel better knowing I'm not the only one who 'missed' one.
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Are these exams now compulsory in all 16 states?

You could call/mail also your insurance company. Normally they are more willing to provide you the exact dates in English.

Here are the common required appointments, based on the age (in days, weeks or months)

U1: Newborn Screening (at birth)
U2: 3. - 10. Day
U3: 4. - 6. Week
U4: 3. - 4. Month
U5: 6. - 7. Month
U6: 10. - 12. Month
U7: 21. - 24. Month
U 7a: 34. - 36. Month
U8: 43. - 48. Month
U9: 60. - 64. Month

If the yellow book is presented to you at birth, there are also your details included from your Mother Health Passport, including your age, whether you are single, your nationality, how many of the offered prenatal screenings you attended and your major risks during pregnancy (which can be anything from diabetes, obesity to social and economical problems etc) and even if you enrolled with your birth provider before birth or just turned up for birth.

Currently they are developping further three Us up to the age of 17, maybe some of them will be voluntarily and you would be required to pay for them.
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Just of curiousity I checked the currently required health exams until the age of 17.


It seems that not all states require them at this time, but generally only the school entry exam by Gesundheitsamt is required by law.
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Ah, thank you for all the info.

Oh, and I'm checking out the Wiki link now.
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Oops! We missed the U10. Our booklet is older and after the U9 appointment her ped put in a sticker reminding us to come back for the J1 appointment. We never heard from the Jugendamt about missing that appointment, though.
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I found this online where your Pediatrician visit dates are plugged in.

I have not tried it but you could try it for your daughter and check the dates against the ones given before trying it for your son.
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