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Career opportunities and new ventures

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Hi, I promise this question is not about pregnancy

I found out that my salon will be likely closing this summer (maybe June) and am not sure what I am going to do, but I have decided to go in another direction (as well as keeping up with my hair clients) I have picked up my Reiki practice, and also my Tarot readings (but I prefer personal one on ones) My real passion is teaching and doing workshops. I am planning on teaching Reiki one and two workshops (I am a level 3 and used to pass attunements) AND keeping up with my Art of Tarot classes (merging art/writing with Tarot imagery)

The question is, how can I make my living this way? I am working out the timing now, and I wont be ready to start my Reiki workshops until this midsummer, but am currently doint the AoT classes (but don't make enough money) I have issues with working out of my home because I have a pit bull and he is "energetic" and some people are scared of him.

Thanks in advance
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Interestingly enough I see you doing your Reiki classes sooner than that. There is a small space you will be renting. It looks to me like it's a small classroom. I feel you will aquire this space from someone you know. The room is out of another building, like the local massage school, or something like that.
You are tapping into a field (spirituality and metaphysical spirituality), that happens to be a great time to do so. People are really needing guidance right now because there is so much unrest on the Earth at this time. There is so much confusion. So people are ready and willing to learn how to help themselves and how to tap into different beliefs and philosiphies they might not have explored. Like any business it will take time to build up. But it will work. I think you will have to hang on to as many hair clients as you can to float you for the rest of the year. Maybe you could travel to their house? My hairstylist used to come to our house, when her salon closed, when we were really little.
Good luck to you!

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Jamie, thank you Food for thought and a great reassurance that I am on the right track.
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