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New BFer and question...

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My SIL just had a beautiful baby an is very commited to nursing. Her nipples are very sore. The baby was born sunday, and is doing super with his latch, etc but it has been a while since I nursed a baby and I have forgotten alot. Any advice I could pass along to her?
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I think no matter how well you do it, it'll hurt in the beginning. Tell her the first month is very rough and tell her husband to support her and help her relax and be comfy- bringing water, etc. Then, it'll get better. By three months it'll be great.
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I didn't have nipple pain when I started nursing. My best advice is to book a consult with a lactation consultant who can observe baby's latch & position . If that's not possible, two things that helped me: remember, 1. belly to belly and 2. nose to nipple.
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I agree with the lactation consultant idea, but I also found that for me feeding my kids while lying down helped very much with nipple pain, it seemed to clear up much faster that way. Still hurt for about a week or so though.
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My nips ended-up very bruised and cracked when I first started nursing and I ended up using nipple shields so that we could continue and I could heal. They were a God-send and saved our nursing relationship! If things get really bad, she might want to try the sheilds. They are basically a thin piece of plastic that fits over your nipple and baby nurses through it.

Here is what they look like. I got mine from an LC, but as you can see they are available at Target.
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