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I saw you, I saw you!!!! DH and I were watching and kept waiting to see you and even rewound to double check and be sure it was you. We were pretty sure that you were in the background of one of the shower scenes and then we KNEW it was you that said congratulations. How cool.

I think Sky and Lizzie are great parents. My favorite so far for sure. They were both so in love with Summer and were jumping head first into the parenting thing and doing a wonderful job and working *together*. Loved it. I'm glad Lizzie gave breastfeeding a shot, too. Two weeks is so much better than not at all! :0) I also loved that Lizzie never wanted to put Summer down....she was very much into having Summer be with her at all times. And I cracked up at the little song Sky sang to her, too...lol.

Summer is such a gorgeous little girl. Made my ovaries twitch....the newborn days go by so fast.
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I REALLY loved this episode!! I was so please to see how attached both mama and daddy were to their sweet little Summer. They really, truly seem to be in love with her
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I actually liked both Lizzie & Skylar! That little song he sang was too cute. I agree with pp I loved how she didn't want to put the baby down. He seemed very sweet and she seemed like a good mama.

I thought her dad was really hard on them. I know he was probably just concerned for his daughter. But he made a couple of comments that I thought were pretty rude and upsetting.

AMANDA! I had a feeling that was you hugging Sky in the hospital. : ) You big superstar
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I was so excited to see them both so dedicated to breast feeding. It seemed like she was just having normal starting out pain or maybe latching problems. I was so sad to see her stop from the pain. Did she ever see a lactation consultant or anything? I could tell he must have an MDC mama in his life with what a supporter he was of it!
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Originally Posted by Evie's Mama View Post
I could tell he must have an MDC mama in his life with what a supporter he was of it!
This is what I said to dh too! It was a bummer that it didn't work out better for her, but it was nice to see her try. I did feel bad that Lizzie made the decision to drop out of school, but leaving a little one is so tough.

Amanda, I find it interesting about what you said about editing things out. I felt like from what they showed it didn't seem like either set of grandparents were very involved or helpful. Maybe in reality, they just didn't provide enough drama!
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I liked this episode a lot! It ended with a happy feeling instead of sad. They both did a great job of stepping up to parent their baby, and it sounds like there was a lot of behind the scenes support we didn't see.

The only thing that bothered me was Lizzie's dad. I wanted to hit the mute button every time he came on. I wish he would just say something like, "I love you and want to be sure you're considering all your options, I'll support you in whatever you choose..." instead of trying to imply that every. single. choice she makes is some sort of mistake and he knows better.
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I missed parts of the episode. Did she put the engagement ring back on?

What great parents! I mean wow, they both had great heads on their shoulders, and they both spoke so softly and nicely to each other. Even when mad about the cheating, she was even keel. I would have been crying or yelling in her shoes.

The dad really meant well, and I understand why he was saying all that stuff to them. He just didn't want her to rush into getting married just because she was pregnant. It was kinda refreshing, usually the parents are the opposite.
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I thought the dad was spot on, and respectful and caring in saying what he did, and the way he said it. It was a bit strange that there wasn't even a quick conversation with his parents, but the fathers are kind of the supporting character in the main drama on this show.

I really liked that this was a story about how even if the father isn't a loser, the parents are supportive and you really want to keep studying, you can end up dropping out and radically changing your future. And not because she was only interested in partying, but because she couldn't bear to leave her baby.
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Originally Posted by lilmom View Post
I was really intrigued by this couple too..Like pp's have said, Tyler was charming but at the same time the way he talked to his mother..well, I could really see where his mom was coming from on alot of it. He struck me as more of a "kid" than Nicole did. Also, I felt like his mom was speaking out of love when she said they needed to quit moving around all the time, and going out all the time. Even the stepdad seemed like his concern was genuine. And Nicole handled it really well, while Tyler seemed alot more upset.

There was a look in Nicole's eyes at the end that made me so sad..that look of realization of the loss of her youth I guess..or maybe realization that it was going to be such an uphill battle.

I really am rooting for these two and hope they both will be able to get back in school, and make a life for themselves and their child.
I definitely agree, T completely overreacted to everything his mother said or did. But I think I know exactly how he feels, I know I do this same thing with my mother still. Some people are just really toxic and there is just so much background there and there are hidden meanings to so many things they say that you end up ascribing those meanings to everything they say, regardless.

That's definitely something I saw playing out and something I can, unfortunately, relate to.
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Wow, I just found this thread and I LOVE this show. I watched it from the beginning(sp) and DH watches it, too. (even though I DVR it now b/c I'm usually asleep early w/my own baby!)
I know I'm behind, but quickly- Leah and Corey, crazy! That Leah needed a good talking to from her mom. I mean, going back to high school with twin girls? ridiculous! I'm all for completing education, but there is no need to GO TO highschool everyday when you have children at home to take care of. A GED would have been sufficient. I can't believe her mom babysat for her for that foolishness....Corey seemed very mature and I do hope they can work it out...I did feel for Leah once she realized what she had done.
I haven't watched last night's yet, but I am excited to. For the mama that was on the show, I'll keep an eye out for you!
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Can I just say that Lizzie and Skylar are the BEST parents I have seen on the show yet? I don't blame her for dropping her classes...TCC will always be there (I've been going there myself off and on to work on my degree and know EXACTLY how she feels!) but you can't replace those days with your baby. Def. the best episode....I'm actually not depressed after watching
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Originally Posted by rainbowfairymomma View Post
That proposal WAS NOT the 'real' one. He proposed weeks before that and it wasn't filmed because he wanted to do it without cameras around. Well... MTV got annoyed and pressured him into doing it again.. it was way more romantic the first time (NOT at the crab shack LOL) it was after a nice dinner and they were walking around a small town with lights/flowers etc... .
I actually wondered to myself if that was "real" because she didn't seem surprised or anything, and she just was kind of laughing nervously, in a "this is ridiculous" kind of way.

So that is really interesting to hear! And makes me feel better too, that I wasn't imagining things!

Also, so sad to hear about the BF'ing.
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Originally Posted by rainbowfairymomma View Post
oh mama's you have no idea how much support I gave her. I even called a Lactation Consultant for her and she said she'd go to her house and help her... Lizzie wasn't really interested in that. she just gave up I actually cried when she told me she was switching to formula. I think a lot had to do with her mom, she 'couldn't breastfeed. I kept trying to explain to Lizzie it WASN'T suppose to hurt like that but I don't think she wanted to hear that...
How sad! It's amazing how much those messages get ingrained in young girls from the start. How wonderful of you to be so supportive though. I'm sure it's easier to deal with than if you had decided to stay quiet and she had given up on it, then you would be wondering "what if I had...".

That's so crazy to hear how much of it is staged! It makes me wonder how truthful the other episodes are...
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I really liked this episode too. It's especially fun having the insider info! I thought that proposal was really awkward, so I'm happy to hear it wasn't the real one.
My thoughts towards the end when Lizzie dropped her classes were that she is only 17 after all. She still has plenty of time to go to college or pursue her music once she's more comfortable in her parenting role. It was slightly disappointing to see her drop her classes, but her reason for dropping out was a good one and she's still so young that it's not the end of the world.

Amanda-Your brother seems like a really nice kid! I wish him & Lizzie the best of luck!
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I loved loved loved Skylar & Lizzie. I think they're going to be wonderful parents to their little girl, and I really hope they stay together. I was amazed at how respectful and gentle they were when dealing with each other, even while at odds. That kind of self-control is pretty rare for teenagers, I think. This was definitely the most uplifting, positive episode in the history of the show.
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I loved Lizze and thought that Skylar was definitely one of the better dads they've shown. Maybe he made some mistakes but it's nice to think they're working through it.

I could feel for Lizzie's father because he seemed so frustrated with the life choices she was making. It looked like he was proud of her for her many talents and really wanted what was best for her, but that she kept making choices different than what he would have wished on her. But at least he didn't write her out of his life or anything.

The baby was a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e !

Also, breastfeeding DID hurt that much for me. I don't think I was doing anything "wrong" since we EBF just fine for much of the first year. I cried through every feeding for like a month. It wasn't mastitis, it wasn't thrush, it wasn't a bad latch... but it HURT. Like, the actual breasts hurt. One mom compared it to "the meat grinder effect" and I could totally relate. If that's what she felt, I wish that she had continued nontheless but I can understand why she didn't. I'm glad they put in the part about how formula might be easier technically but it puts a huge stress on the finances. So it's a no-win situation in that case. I thought that was pretty realistic.
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I'm watching the twins episode that I recorded now. It's really hard to watch the relationship between Leah and Corey. And it seems really weird that she's going back to high school and trying to be the same person with her old friends.

I was 16 when I had my first baby and I had to grow up and take care of him, not be a teenager anymore. She's trying to act like she's still a kid.
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Amanda-How are Lizzie, Sky and Summer doing now?
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