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I think this was the best episode yet. Lizzie and Skylar are great kids. I loved how much they accepted the pregnancy. It just wasn't the life-ending catastrophe that it often appeared to be for the other kids. Lizzie said she wanted to have 4 kids anyway, so she was just going to MAKE it work, by golly! I liked that they each had specific interests: Lizzie with her flute, and Skylar with glass blowing. Most of the other teen parents (or what was shown of them) just liked hanging out with friends, shopping, maybe going to school.
RFM, will we get to see Lizzie, Skylar, and Summer on Teen Mom? Are they doing OK now?
About the dropping out of college thing, she is so, so young. I want to tell her (and Macie too) that they have plenty of time, and to just be there for your baby for now. Heck, I'm 33 and I just figured out what I want to go to school for. It'll be there when they're ready.
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This was definately a good episode! I watched it a couple times!

I too wanna know more! It it definately neat having someone know them!

If you are allowed I think we are all interested in hearing more about them. How did they decide to do the show?

Have you steered Lizzie towards MDC mama?
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I really liked this episode too. I loved how accepting they were of becoming parents. It seemed like his cheating was done very early on in their relationship (is that right?) and although he messed up I'm glad they seemed to be working passed it.
I wish she would have (or someone would have told her) to contact LLL or a lactation consultant. I think with some help and encouragement she might have breastfed longer.
Also I wish I could tell her to just be with her daughter and that she has plenty of time to reach her other goals. I don't see her dropping out of college as a bad thing, her priorities totally shifted and her focus is elsewhere for now.
Is it just me or were they some of the most laid back people in the world! I wish I could harness some of that.
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I should have read the other posts before I commented. lol It's really nice to have an inside scoop. I hope they are doing well.
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I just watched it. RFM . . . WOW. I can totally tell that Skylar has MDC roots . What an amazing young man. I like how he encouraged Lizzie to breastfeed. They seem like such a nice, levelheaded, mature couple. And absolutely adorable. Summer is a lucky little girl!

Your parents seem awesome too, so supportive, and have a lovely house . Your mom is beautiful and I love her hair.
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Is anyone watching tonight?
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Yes. This one is pretty sad. Poor girl, her own mom doesn't even have it together enough to have her own child live with her. The boyfriend is just a usual irresponsible teenager. I feel bad for her, but it does seem like his parents are there for her.
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Ummmm....ok, her dad locks his refrigerator?
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Yeah, this one is really sad. At the very least, the boyfriends' parents are really supportive. Without them I have no idea what this poor girl would do.
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It's so sad when she's asking her mom to stop by after work and her mom says that it's not on the way.
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This episode is so sad. This poor girl.
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Ugh. This is breaking my heart. This girl just needs a parent to love and care for her!
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That poor girl, this was the saddest one by far. Her mom is a piece of work. At first, I couldn't figure out why his parents would allow her to move in, but seeing as she had nobody else, I understand. I did think the relationship she had with his parents was sweet.
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I wonder about the editting in this one too. Did anybody else catch that she was actually at her dad's for the week, but all we saw was just that one scene and then it was never discussed again?
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Her mom reminded me of my own. But his parents are fantastic! I love how supportive they are of her. I was really happy to see their relationship improving too. The whole thing with her visiting her dad was odd. I did notice that she stayed a whole week yet none of it was shown except her arriving.
I think her mother is UAV for rubbing it her face about her dad too. I am so glad she has his parents.
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This show always makes me cry, but this time I really felt for her. What a sad situation, to have no support from your own family at all. How alone she must feel, even with the other set of grandparents being much kinder and supportive people. I cried during the conversation at the community college with the other girl--how great for her to have that person to talk to, right when she was getting ready to have the baby. What a shot of hope. And I cried when she said that she loved her boyfriends parents. Waah. We all find mothers where we can.
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I caught that she was at her dad's the whole week. I watched the reunion show, too, and even with editing her situation is the saddest ever. I just want to take her home with me. It's almost as though she's got to be with the boyfriend no matter how he treats her because his family is all she's got. Really hope they are happy and he treats her well.
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I do think he started treating her better and I hope he continues to improve. I can really relate to her on a personal experience level although I've never had anyone remotely as supportive as his parents are.
Nola79, your comment really hit a nerve with me, you are very right I think. And I hope for her that he is a good person who will not mistreat her (anymore).
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This week's episode was definitely super sad. His parents were awesome though!!! I thought his mom was so supportive! Now her mom on the other hand..oh I felt for Kailyn. Her dad, I don't know. There was so much editing out, who knows. I think she went in there with high hopes for her dad that probably just weren't ever going to be reached. I mean, the guy hasn't talked to you for 16 yrs..your entire life..and now you are suddenly talking about maybe going there permenantly if you end up liking him? I think she thought it was going to be something it just wasn't and she was really disappointed. I was so glad the girl at the college really encouraged her too. Poor Kailyn was just so down on herself. The way she was so embarrassed for anyone to know. It was sad/funny when she kept saying "I don't look pregnant yet" but she really did. I thought it was good her friends encouraged her to just tell everybody because she DID look it.

I just hope she is able to really keep herself together, because I don't know if Joe will be around. I think his parents want him to. Poor girl. I can't imagine what would have happened if his parents had not been willing to take her in and help with the entire situation. They were amazing.
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