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Does anybody else dislike Dr. Drew? I don't know what it is about him but he always rubs me the wrong way. I wish somebody else did the reunion shows.

Also my dvr cut it off was there any preview for the new season of Teen Mom?
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I'm with ya. Dr. Drew annoys me.
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That mother annoyed me! It killed me how she spent the whole time talking about how horrible the dad was, but she was just as bad and ended up abandoning her as well!

The reunion show wasn't that great I didn't think. Dr. Drew annoys me too. He doesn't seem to have my knowledge of labor, birth, breastfeeding, etc. and gives out horrible advice and really weird reactions to them discussing those things. I'm not sure why they picked him to be the host.
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Yeah, Dr. Drew is the wrong guy for that show. I don't really dislike him in other venues but he doesn't seem the best choice for this group. That being said, I haven't watched that one yet.
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I think Ricki Lake would be a good host.
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The reunion show made me cry. I felt bad for the several girls that are in emotionally abusive relationships and just can't see it and have those boys as role models for their babies. I also felt bad for Janell's mom, as she is raising the baby and Janell just totally disrespects her and seems very unappreciative. Maybe I'm just feeling hormomal but it made me sad. The only couple who didn't was Lizzy and Skylar, they seem happy and have it together.
I do remember at the reunion show Dr Drew was advocating for breastfeeding but he didn't this year. He doesn't bother so much on this show, but I don't like some of his celebrity rehab shows, they annoy me.
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I watched the reunion show last night, and ugh. it definitely made me sad. I was very disappointed especially that Nikkole seemed to be trying to still be with Josh. I felt bad for her mom actually.

I was glad that Lori seems really okay with her decision to give her baby up for adoption.

I was happy that Matt came back and was helping out.

It was interesting that most of the girls did not have their bio dads.

I think somehow I didn't have part of it recorded or something, because I didn't see Tyler and Nichole on there?!? Were they there and I missed it, or just not there? I was hoping to see how they were doing, if they finally had a permanent home for themselves & their baby, etc.

And yes, Dr. Drew is annoying in this venue. I used to like him way back when he had that show with Adam Carolla. But I definitely think they need someone different to host this show. Ricki Lake would be awesome, I agree! : )
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I didn't see Tyler and Nicole either. I saw a preview of him looking like he was going to propose and then nothing in the show... I watched it online and was a bit distracted but I didn't think I was that distracted!
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I saw Tyler and Nichole. They are living between his grandma's house and her mom's house. He did propose and she said yes but it seemed awkward to me.
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