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Seeking homebirth midwife in Western MA

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I think the title pretty much says it all!

Feel free to PM me if you don't want to speak publicly.

I'm broke, so I was also hoping that folks could give me an idea of the cost and creative ways to pay for the prenatal care/birth.

I have good insurance, with a very sloppy definition of midwife. They try to say only CNMs, but it actually says "certified midwife" so they may not notice if they get billed by a CPM...especially if I get her to bill the prenatal visits, and get most of the fee covered that way.

Anyone have recent experience with this?

Or does anyone know of any CNMs who do homebirth in MA, possibly commuting from NH, MA, NY, or CT to attend? (Not sure of the legality of this, PM me if you have a lead!)

I think I would prefer a CPM to a CNM, but if I can find a CNM who attends at home, that would solve my insurance/money problems!

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Homebirth Midwives in Western, MA

There are a lot of great midwives here in Western, MA. I am a midwife (CPM) and have a practice in Amherst, MA (Amherst Homebirth Midwifery www.amherstmidwifery.com) and I am the director of an educational program for CPMs (WomanCraft Midwifery Education) I would encourage you to check out the listing on the Massachusetts Midwives Alliance page for contact information for many of the midwives in the Pioneer Valley www.massmidwives.org.
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I just had an amazing birth with River Valley Midwives. Loved them in every way! They also worked with me, and we did some trades... which was awesome because we are broke too! PM me if you have any questions... but I highly recomend them!
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Congratulations on your birth and thank you for the update! I was just wondering if you were actually in the Berkshires or pioneer valley? I'm newly pregnant and brand new to the Berkshires - and there doesn't seem to be many options in the Berkshires, yet Pioneer valley seems to be a bit of a haul.
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I wanted to check back and update the thread.

In the end, I decided against a home birth - several home birth midwives I spoke to were not taking October births, and I didn't really connect with others I met with. In the first few weeks of my pregnancy, I had a nagging feeling that something was not right with planning a homebirth. This only started once I was pregnant, and I had been working toward a home birth for years throughout my lengthy conception process.

I met with the midwives at Cooley-Dickinson in Northampton and I really connected with them.

I had some complications throughout my pregnancy, and there were some concerns with my daughter's growth, placenta, and cord insertion.

At 4:09 AM on October 3, my daughter Elise was born at the childbirth center at Cooley-Dickinson Hospital. I was induced following a diagnosis of pre-eclampsia. My labour and birth were attended by the Cooley midwives, and I felt that they respected my decisions and my birth process every step of the way.

I intend to post a full birth story later, but for now let me say that a hospital birth was the right choice for me, and I had an excellent experience at Cooley.
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Magreen - I live in Springfield and just switched from Holyoke Midwifery to Sacred Birth (which is based in Northampton).  They had no problems with traveling to Springfield - but like you said, it *is* a bit of a haul as far as our prenatal visits go.  I think it's worth the effort so that I can have a home birth though!

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magreen - This is Jharna Ahmai from Rivervalley Midwives. We have certainly travelled to the Berkshires to do births. Give us a call 413-256-6166. Blessings on your journey!  jharna

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